How to add board membership on LinkedIn?

Have you ever had a leading role or was a board member in your life? Can you add board membership to LinkedIn? Many might think they can only add it to their volunteer experiences. That is not true, you can also add a board member role to your experiences, which is so easy to do. I mean, many of my friends are the leaders of some nonprofit entities or are on the board of directors of a company. Why shouldn’t they add their exact role to their LinkedIn profile?

To add a board membership to your LinkedIn profile, navigate to the "Experience" section and click the "+" icon to create a new entry. In the "Title" field, enter your board position (e.g., Board Member, Advisory Board Member), and for the "Company" field, input the organization's name. Fill out the remaining fields, such as "Location," "Start Date," and "End Date" (if applicable). In the "Description" box, provide details about your role, responsibilities, and achievements as a board member.

Add Board Membership LinkedIn

Add board membership LinkedIn and the benefits

It is so easy to add board membership to your LinkedIn profile. You may think that only nonprofit organizations have this option, so you can only add this role to your volunteer experiences. But it is just the same in the experiences section.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the ‘Me’ button in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on “View Profile”
  4. Once you are on the profile page, scroll down to see the experiences section
  5. Click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new position
  6. Type ‘board’ to see a lot of options like board member, Member of The Management Board, Advisory Board, etc.
  7. Choose the one that matches your position in the board of the company
  8. For the employment type, you can choose full time
  9. Type in the company name
  10. If you have another position in the same company/organization, LinkedIn automatically group them for you under one category, if not you can choose to end the current position you have next to your title
  11. Add a beginning date and check the box that says: “I am currently working in this role” if you still are in that position
  12. You can also add a little description about what you are doing as a board member
  13. Click ‘Save’
  14. Make sure to reorder the more important job you want people to see in your profile
Add Board Membership LinkedIn

The benefits

Doesn’t matter if you are adding the board membership to your experiences or volunteering section, there are some benefits to it.

  1. Other members in that organization or corporate who once worked or are working with or for you, can write recommendations. As you know the recommendations are a critical section of your profile. The HR people and your other colleagues can tell how well you handled things and made every challenge easier.
  2. You can add the skills you used for working in this position in the best way possible, to your description of this job.
  3. This skill combination can attract your next potential client since many people look for a set of skills to start working with somebody.
  4. The benefits are not only personal, adding a board membership can attract different users’ attention to that company or organization as well.
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All right, people might believe that to add board membership LinkedIn to your profile, you should have had this experience in a nonprofit organization. It can be true and you can also be a board member of your own company or another organization and you even receive money for that, does it mean you should not add this position to your experiences? Why not? We add almost everything to this section, so why should we miss such an important role? Just add it to where a leading job belongs.

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