Argentina company database

Argentina company database

The CUF Argentina company database is the best method of lead generation to find and collect the companies working in Argentina.

It has gathered all types of Argentina companies, private and governmental ones, in one complete database.

Argentina’s company database of CUF is a new and modern tool that makes people free of old and outdated methods of lead generation like web searching and Googling.

Instead of wasting hours for finding the data of companies and businesses, the users can trust the CUF Argentina company database. Companies active in 427 industries are recorded in the CUF Argentina company database.

How to work with CUF Argentina company database of CUF?

Enter the dashboard and click on the database on the left side as you see below.

Argentina company database

Then choose Argentina from the list and select one company industry like the bellow picture:

Argentina company database

After clicking on Find Companies, all businesses and companies registered in Argentina that are active in the accounting industry are demonstrated immediately.

Argentina company database

The offered price to buy the complete list is only around 32 $ which is calculated based on the number of provided companies and their contacts.

If you reduce the number of companies, the price decreases too. It is important to mention that the CUF Argentina company database also provides some results free of charge.

98% data accuracy!

CUF Argentina company database provides accurate and reliable data with an accuracy rate of 98%. Data extraction and verification in CUF happen in minutes and with no latency and no error. What has made the CUF Argentina company database different?

  • 98% data accuracy
  • Fast and immediate results
  • Comprehensive and complete database
  • Reliable, real and valid results
  • Updated results
  • Working based on industry (427 industries are supported)
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