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The key is in our hands! Company URL Finder has created the most comprehensive Australia company database in the world that contains thousands of companies in different industries.

How do find the companies’ data and contacts of Australian companies? For instance, when you as a marketer need the contacts of Australian businesses active in fruit import, what do you do? Or what to do when the lists of exporters of fruits in needed? Are you looking for a reliable way to be replaced Googling and searching the web?

How many companies are stored in the Australia company database?

Around 900,000 companies and businesses are recorded in the Australian company database of CUF. Companies of different sizes and types are active in various categories and industries.

How many categories are supported in the CUF Australia company database?

427 company categories are supported in the CUF Australia company database. Just choose what types of Australian companies you look for and see the wonderful results in a few minutes. Some of these industries and categories can be seen in the below picture:

Australia Company Database

What is the data provided by the CUF Australia company database?

Companies’ names are only one of the data provided for users, in addition to companies’ names, many of their contacts are demonstrated too including their emails, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, address, website URLs, blog URLs, and the companies’ profiles in social networks including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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How to download the list of Australian companies provided by CUF?

Go to your Dashboard and click on “Database”. Then choose Australia as the country and one of the 427 companies’ categories based on your need. After a few seconds, the lists of Australian companies active in that industry are ready to be downloaded in an excel file. The below picture shows that there are 3119 companies in Australia that are working in the “warehousing” industry.

Australia Company Database

CUF supports other countries too!

The Australian company database of CUF is only one of the tools created by CUF. Other services of CUF help you to find companies registered in other countries like the USA, France, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Israel, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, CIS countries, and any other country you wish. It supports all continents and countries completely. It is the best way to identify suitable leads for your company based on location, category, and technology.

Data accuracy is our priority!

Users can be sure that the given information and contacts of Australian companies are totally correct and real as they are all verified and checked by CUF.

The lead generation and contact detection of CUF also happen in minutes and are very fast. Only wait a few minutes to download the results of the Australian company database.

The offered prices of CUF are also very affordable and competitive. With a little budget, you can have access to thousands of Australian companies based on category. Try and enjoy the result!

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