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The Belarus company database of CUF is a source of all types and sizes of companies registered in Belarus country. It is the most complete and comprehensive database available in the world.

The Belarus company database of CUF supports 427 companies’ industries as well as all sizes and types of companies from governmental to private ones.

This is the most reliable and the most rapid method of lead generation that is used to extract companies’ data in real-time and with no latency. The Belarus company database of CUF is updated on daily basis and with no pause.

How many companies are recorded in Belarus company database of CUF?

Around 33,000 companies and businesses of various types and industries are recorded in the Belarus company database of CUF.

How to work with Belarus company database of CUF?

In two minutes, sign up in CUF. Then enter the dashboard and select the database on the left side. The whole process is so simple.

Belarus Company Database, Download Belarus companies list

After that choose Belarus as the country and one of the 427 mentioned industries from the list you see. In the picture, as you see, automotive is the chosen industry. Then click on Find Companies on the right side of the page which is in an orange box.

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Belarus Company Database, Download Belarus companies list

The results are demonstrated after two seconds as you see in the below picture. There are 582 companies registered in Belarus that are active in the automotive industry.

168 of them have website addresses and 52 of them have LinkedIn. The results can be purchased at around 58 $ in real-time. It is downloaded in an excel file.

Belarus Company Database, Download Belarus companies list

The number of purchased companies can be reduced to any number that you want. The offered price is based on number of chosen companies.

Does CUF have a free Belarus company database?

Yes, a free version of the Belarus company database is provided by CUF too. For every search in the CUF Belarus company database, some results are given free of charge. They consist of the top companies active in that industry.

Belarus Company Database, Download Belarus companies list

What about other European countries?

Other European countries, as well as American, Australian, African, and Asian countries, are all supported in the CUF company database, from USA, UK, and China to Monaco and Vatican City!

Just choose one country and one company industry, the rest is with Company URL Finder. The results become ready in seconds and with no latency. Also, they are valid, accurate, and reliable.

The 98% data accuracy of CUF has helped the users to be sure that they are connected with real leads. CUF Belarus company database is the most rapid way of lead generation helping digital marketers to connect with companies faster and more reliable.

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