Can you add a future job on LinkedIn? Many LinkedIn members who are looking👀 to build their LinkedIn profile👨‍💼 may have questions like❤️ this.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most professional social networks for job seekers. Statistics show that 92% of people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 use⚒️ cyberspace and social networks to find🔍 an appropriate job, and the LinkedIn platform is the most used among them.

The necessity of a future job on a LinkedIn profile

Most people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 on this question, “Can you add a future job on LinkedIn?” have different opinions. For example, some users agree that you should wait until you start🏁 a new job and then add your new position and job to your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼.

However, it’s wise to only add your current or past work experience to your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼.

In general, since the purpose of your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼 is to showcase your work experience, skills🔧, and jobs you’ve done, putting a future job position on your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼 can seem a little frustrating.

Is it possible for you to add your future job to LinkedIn?

If you want to change or upgrade your job in the future and update your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼 with your upcoming job, how to add it to LinkedIn? Is it possible for you?

But let’s be honest. Unfortunately, you can’t put your future job in your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼.

That’s why adding an incoming job to your profile👨‍💼 isn’t provided on LinkedIn, and you aren’t allowed to determine the start🏁 date of your future job in your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼, as it’s clearly evident in the image🖼️ below.

Can You Add a Future Job on LinkedIn?

Accordingly, the start🏁 date that you should put for your job position on LinkedIn can’t be in the future tense.

So what is the solution now?

It’s no matter of concern. In the rest of the article📝, we’ll help🦮 you address your worries about this and tell🗣️ you solutions for adding your future job position to your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼.

How can you add a future job on LinkedIn?

As already mentioned, when you haven’t started🏁 your upcoming job position yet, you can’t add it to LinkedIn through the feature Add experience- unless you inform your connections⛓️ about that by the other solutions we’ll tell🗣️ you, as follows:

Start a post

However, we recommend that in this situation, it’s better to publish a post regarding your future job or position on LinkedIn to share📤 with your network🕸️ of connections⛓️.

To share📤 a post about your future job position from your LinkedIn homepage, you need to navigate your LinkedIn homepage and follow these steps:

1. Click the Start🏁 a post button at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Can You Add a Future Job on LinkedIn?

At this step, the Create a post pop-up window will appear.

2. Enter the content📜 of your post that is related to your future job in the What do you want to talk about? field and then click🖱️ on the Post button.

Can You Add a Future Job on LinkedIn?

Change the headline

On top of that, you can change your LinkedIn account headline in order to announce📢 your friends and connections⛓️ about adding your incoming job or position on LinkedIn.

To change the headline of your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼, all you need to do is:

1. Click on the Me icon and then the View Profile tab

2. In the opened box, in the Headline field, enter your future job position, and then click🖱️ the Save button.

Can You Add a Future Job on LinkedIn?

Now, your profile👨‍💼 headline will be updated with your incoming job position.

When can you add a future job on LinkedIn?

Do you know when is a suitable👌 time⏱️ to share📤 a post regarding a future job on LinkedIn?

Bear in mind that opt for the right time⏱️ to post an announcement for your incoming job position. For this reason, timing⏱️ is very vital in this case.

Carefully consider that before publishing the announcement post on LinkedIn, you must provide its preparations correctly.

For example, let your colleagues and boss know in advance when you’ll be leaving your current job. Or post on LinkedIn about appreciating the managers of the company🏭 you currently work for.

Bottom line

When the question arises: Can you add a future job on LinkedIn? As it was said before, if we want to answer clearly, LinkedIn hasn’t offered its users this possibility yet.

However, it’s entirely up to you, so you can tell🗣️ your friends and network🕸️ that you’d like❤️ to change your job position in the future by posting an announcement and changing your headline on LinkedIn.

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