Engagement is the main pillar of every human society. We need it in somehow everything we do as humans, from regular eating and drinking to professional marketing. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social platform and is one of the best places for branding and marketing, but unfortunately, there is no independent company page on LinkedIn for you to directly engage in a post, article, etc. on LinkedIn.

I mean, that is very important to answer this question: can you comment as a company page on LinkedIn? Well, yes, but not directly like we do on Instagram. There are some steps, and there are two different methods to do so, which we will talk about in a minute.

Can You Comment As a Company on LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn never added the feature for creating an independent company page. When you enter your company page, there is no home page there to see the new updates and comment on them; you can only see the feed as your personal account, which makes everything a lot harder than it should be.

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Why is commenting on your brand so important? For the marketing sake, of course. Comments are the key to attracting different people’s attention to your company.

You know how it is, right? When you write a comment for a post and the admin responds to you, other people get encouraged to comment and engage in your argument in the comment section (if it is challenging enough), and there can be lead generators, prospects, clients, potential talents, potential partners, and investors among this population.

Who knows which one of them may decide to take a look at your company page? All you need is to know how to comment as a company on LinkedIn, and of course, you need a prepared and pro-like company page.

Can you comment as a company page on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can. Let’s see what we can do to comment as a company page:

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Step 1: The method is only operable on a desktop so log into your account using a laptop or PC. Click on the ‘Me’ button and select the company you want to write a comment under its name in the ‘Manage’ section of the dropdown.

Step 2: Keep the page on and open your homepage on another tab. Find the post you want to comment on and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post and select ‘Copy link to post’.

Step 3: Open a tab and copy the address in the address bar, then click on the company page tab and copy the number you can see in its address bar.

Can You Comment As a Company on LinkedIn?

Step 4: Erase the address of the post from the “?” and add /?actorCompanyId= copy the number

Step 5: You should be able to see your company page logo instead of your profile photo now. You can like, share and comment on a post with your logo now.

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To wrap up

Commenting is one of the most engaging tools on any social media platform and LinkedIn is no exception.

This platform provides its users with so many chances, from finding a job and having an online and updated resume, to employing the correct candidate, finding a mentor, investor, marketing chances etc. commenting is one of the many ways you can use to promote your brand on this platform, but can you comment as a company page on LinkedIn? Yes.

You just need to use the five steps instruction we gave you to be able to comment on any posts.

Just be careful, for when you do this, people will get encouraged to visit your page and the appearance of your business account is the one thing that tells them to stay and learn more about this brand or not.

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