Many of us might delete our LinkedIn accounts for various reasons, but still, some people might ask: can you reactivate LinkedIn? You can do it within 14 days after you delete or deactivate your account.

Can You Reactivate LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the one and only platform that is focused on business right now. It is also one of the safest social platforms you can find, not only for its very nature but also because LinkedIn cares a lot about the privacy of its users.

That is why we see privacy issues much less than on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. That is the reason why a lot fewer people delete their accounts.

Yes, you can reactivate your LinkedIn account if it has been deactivated or closed. To reactivate your account, simply log in to LinkedIn with your email address and password, and follow the prompts to verify your identity and reactivate your account. If your account has been closed due to a violation of LinkedIn's policies, you may need to contact LinkedIn's customer support team and provide additional information to reactivate your account.

But still, some people do, and many of them wonder if they can reopen that account again or not.

Thankfully you can do it within the first two weeks after you delete the account. As LinkedIn says: “In most cases, we can reopen your account if it’s been closed less than 14 days. We’re unable to reopen accounts closed for more than 14 days. You can reopen your account directly by attempting to log into your LinkedIn account or utilizing the link provided in the original account closure email from your desktop or your mobile device.”

Can You Reactivate LinkedIn?

They are able to reactivate your account and you will get access to all your connections again, but there are some things that cannot be retrieved:

  • Group memberships
  • Followings (Top Voices, Companies, etc.)
  • Ignored and pending invitations
  • Endorsements and recommendations

But let’s see how to recover a deactivated LinkedIn account.

Can you reactivate LinkedIn?

There are two cases to recover: personal accounts.

  1. Open the login page
  2. Enter the email address that is connected to your account
  3. Enter the password
  4. Click sign in


  1. Open your email inbox
  2. Open the email that LinkedIn sent you after you deactivated your account
  3. Click on the link in that email
  4. If the link does not work, you will be redirected to the login page
  5. Enter the email address that is connected to your account
  6. Enter the password
  7. Click sign in
  8. Click on the reactivate button once you are redirected to the page to initiate the reactivation process.
  9. LinkedIn will send you an email to confirm that you want to reopen the account.
  10. Click on it and confirm your request.

Another way is to contact the LinkedIn help center and ask them to reopen your account. Fill up the “contact us” form available on the website.

You must use the name and the email address you used for that account. Explain your issue in the text box and send the request.

But since they are usually short of staff, this might take some time and they might see your request after the 14 days deadline. Then the answer to whether can you reactivate LinkedIn would be a big no!


What happens if I deactivate my LinkedIn account?

Deactivating your LinkedIn account temporarily removes your profile and most of your information from the platform. When you deactivate, your profile won’t be visible to others, and you won’t receive LinkedIn notifications. Your connections won’t be able to contact you, and your posts and comments will be hidden. However, LinkedIn retains your data for a certain period in case you decide to reactivate your account. Keep in mind that if you have premium subscriptions or active job postings, they may be affected. It’s essential to review LinkedIn’s deactivation policies and consider the implications before deactivating your account, as reactivating it later will restore your profile and connections.

Can I get my LinkedIn back after deleting it?

Permanently deleting your LinkedIn account means your profile, connections, and data are gone, and it cannot be recovered. LinkedIn doesn’t offer a way to restore a deleted account. If you’ve deleted your account and wish to use LinkedIn again, you’ll need to create a new account from scratch, including re-establishing connections and adding your profile information. Therefore, it’s crucial to be certain about deleting your account, as there’s no way to reverse the process or retrieve the deleted data.

Can you reactivate LinkedIn after hibernation?

LinkedIn offered a feature called “hibernation” or “closing your account temporarily” rather than full deactivation. This allowed you to put your account on hold for a certain period. During this time, your profile was hidden from others. However, you could reactivate it by simply logging in again.

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