Is Buffer LinkedIn tagging possible? Briefly, tagging LinkedIn profiles or LinkedIn groups in posts scheduled by Buffer is not possible right now, while tagging LinkedIn pages is possible only through the Buffer web version (the mobile app will support soon).

However, this limitation is not applied to all other social media tagging on Buffer. To know which Social Media can be tagged on posts scheduled by Buffer, go over this article.

The popularity and extensive use of LinkedIn in business made the LinkedIn scheduling tools admired too! Hence various questions have arisen about Buffer features and qualities, one of which is “can you tag LinkedIn on Buffer?”

This page will explain more about LinkedIn tagging and how to do it in posts published by Buffer.

Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?

What is Buffer social media scheduling tool?

Buffer as a multi-purpose gadget is capable of drafting and scheduling posts for social media including:

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Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?

In other words, this is a social media management platform suitable for any kind of company which can’t spend lots of time administering its social networks because of lacking enough employees, money shortage, etc.

It would be an excellent choice for SMEs and startups to use the Buffer free services and even pay good money to purchase its other tools rather than paying lots of salaries to employees to manage the pages manually.

This intuitive tool manages, monitors, and analyzes the social networks of businesses as social channels should not be ignored if a marketing team aims to make a big impact in the market.

Can you tag LinkedIn on Buffer? What about other social networks?

The following lines clearly specify which Social Media can be mentioned in posts scheduled and posted by Buffer and which can’t:


Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?
Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?


  • LinkedIn pages


  • LinkedIn profiles
  • LinkedIn groups


Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?


  • Facebook pages


  • Facebook profiles
  • Facebook groups
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Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?


  • Twitter profiles


Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?


  • Instagram profiles


Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?


Important to Know!

Remember that tagging LinkedIn pages is only possible in the web version of Buffer. It’s not supported on the mobile app now, but shortly, it will be accomplished, as mentioned on the Buffer website.

Hence if you schedule a post on the Buffer mobile app containing a LinkedIn tag, the uploaded post will lose this LinkedIn mention.

Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?

How to mention LinkedIn pages in posts scheduled on Buffer?

If you want to tag a LinkedIn page in any post scheduled by Buffer, simply copy the LinkedIn URL of that page and then paste it into the post.

For instance, to tag the LinkedIn page of CUF🚀 in a post, its LinkedIn URL should be copied and pasted into the post.

Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?

While mentioning other networks like Facebook, just by typing @ plus the Page Name, the matching results are demonstrated, and you can choose the desired one. No need to mention the page name completely; when you type only its first letters, all matching Facebook pages will be shown.

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@ typing is not supported for tagging LinkedIn URLs in Buffer. If it becomes possible, that would be perfect.


To make the most of the LinkedIn social network, only entrusting the work to the employees to manage the tasks manually is not helpful.

Whether we accept it or not, using social media tools like Buffer is a MUST if we look for faster success in social media marketing.

By Buffer, you can send posts to LinkedIn and other platforms based on a scheduled plan. This streamlined gadget helps you to grow your business audience on social channels and save budget, time, and energy🔋.

Can You Tag LinkedIn on Buffer?

What was explained in this article was a complete answer to these 2 questions: “Can you tag LinkedIn on Buffer?” and “How to tag a LinkedIn page on Buffer?”

The reply to the first one informed us that LinkedIn pages could be tagged in posts scheduled on Buffer while LinkedIn groups and profiles can’t be.

The simple process of copying and pasting a LinkedIn page URL was also explained in detail in response to the second question.

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