If you’re an active LinkedIn member, you’ve edited and updated your profile for professional development. You must know that with any changes you make in your profile, LinkedIn notifies your connections. Now the important question is, is it possible to change the title in LinkedIn without notification?

So, to be successful on LinkedIn, having a professional and good profile is one of the important points.

Always remember that a rich profile shows recruiters that you’re ready to work and have a professional personality.

The good news is that as long as you can help grow your profile by adding relevant certificates, education, work experiences, skills, etc., it’s possible for you on LinkedIn to update or change your profile whenever you feel like it.

The problem is that with any changes to your job title, education, or video updates to your profile, a post to your network feed, in-app notification, or email notification will be sent to your connections on LinkedIn.

Hot points:

The duration of sharing and notifying updates and changes to your LinkedIn profile may vary based on the kind of your activity.

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For example, your job updates may take up to two hours to be shared with your network, while your education changes may take up to 24 hours to be shared with your connections. It should be noted that work anniversary notifications are sent to your network in that month.

In some cases, even by enabling the sharing of profile changes and edits, notifications for updates of some types of your activities may not be generated for your LinkedIn connections network.

Why is over-notifying on LinkedIn not good?

Put yourself in the place of your connections, who receive a lot of notifications of your profile changes every day. Don’t you think it’s annoying and tricky?

Suppose you’re constantly and fragmentary editing your profile. In that case, your contacts won’t definitely like to read or see dozens of slight and successive changes and edits related to your profile that you’ve created.

We recommend that even if you’re just updating your information, be sure to navigate the LinkedIn settings and disable the sharing of your profile updates. It’s better not to bother your contacts with successive notifications.

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How to change your LinkedIn profile without notifying your connections?

If you don’t want your LinkedIn connections to be notified every time you change your LinkedIn profile, you should seek to hide your LinkedIn notifications so that they don’t receive constant notifications.

Fortunately, there are solutions that you can use to solve this problem and how to disable notifications on your LinkedIn page. Stay with us.

To change the title in LinkedIn without notification on PC, follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.

2. Go to the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select the “Settings & Privacy” tab.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

3. Now you’ll see a window open. Click on the “Visibility” tab.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

4. In this opened menu, click on the “Share profile updates with your network” option from the “Visibility of your LinkedIn activity” section.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

5. Then a window will appear, and in this window, click on the toggle switch to choose the Off button.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

So easy!

From now on, your connections network won’t receive any notifications about your key profile changes such as job title, certificate, profile picture, education, etc.

Why is it essential to update your profile?

It can be said for sure that LinkedIn is the most critical social network in the professional and work field, and having a strong💪 LinkedIn profile has become a necessity for all business owners and employees.

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To optimally use LinkedIn and benefit from all its opportunities to grow and develop your business, find an ideal job, as well as to have a professional and appropriate profile, and constantly update your profile by including certificates, skills, promotions, etc.

How to update your LinkedIn profile?

To keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, follow these steps below:

1. Open the LinkedIn page.

2. Click on the “Me” option and select “View Profile”“.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

3. Tap the “Pencil” icon to edit your information or click on the “Add profile section” if you want to add something.

Change Title in LinkedIn Without Notification

4. Click on the “Save” button once finished.


Sometimes many LinkedIn social network users have to change their profile while looking for a new job on LinkedIn.

However, these changes and updates are automatically notified to all their connections network, which may be annoying for a large number of LinkedIn members.

Although there’s a way to change the title in LinkedIn without notifications, notifying your connections on this platform is not always a good idea.

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