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When you need the contacts and names of companies in the USA, how do you find them? Millions of companies are registered in the United States and active in various industries.

The USA is one of the globe’s key economic players generating a GDP of over US$21 trillion in 2019! As one of the largest economies in the world, millions of companies in other countries are looking to find customers among these American small and large businesses.

Detecting the businesses relevant to a certain industry is not an easy task.

Still, some marketers and data scientists apply the outdated method of searching the web and finding relevant companies in the USA and their contacts while there is a better and newer strategy by which you can have access to the latest information of companies in the USA in real-time! The rest of this article helps you to find out more about this wonderful and amazing tool: Company URL Finder (CUF)!

How to find companies in the USA with the help of CUF?

Company URL Finder has provided an updated database of companies in the USA. The list of companies in the USA recorded in CUF is complete and comprehensive with millions of old and new companies registered in various states of this country.

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It is important to know that the data recorded about companies in the USA is fresh, verified, and real.

How many companies are recorded in the USA company database of CUF?

Around 17 million companies of all sizes and types are recorded in the USA company database of CUF. It contains all sizes of companies from small to medium and large enterprises.

All new startups and small companies registered in the USA are added to this company database daily. Also based on the daily updates, the outdated information and the resolved companies are removed from the list too.

How to work with the USA company database of CUF?

To find the lists of companies in the USA, first of all, enter the CUF Dashboard and click on Database on the left side of it. Then select the USA as the country and any industry you like from the list

. After clicking on ‘Find the Companies’ the list of companies in the USA related to the selected company industry is demonstrated instantly.

This is a matter of speed and accuracy. The whole provided data has a data accuracy rate of 98% as well as high speed in data extraction and verification.

What data is given about companies in the USA by CUF?

The names of companies in the USA as well as their contacts are provided by CUF. The Instagram accounts, emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, YouTube pages, address and location, website URL and blog URL, and Facebook pages of companies in the USA are provided by Company URL Finder.

It is significant to mention that the whole data is checked and verified through various verification algorithms. This is a reliable method of lead generation as well as market analysis.

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What company types are supported in the USA company database of CUF?

Around 427 companies’ industries and types are supported in the CUF company database of the USA. It means that you can search the list of companies in the USA which are active in the chemical industry, the list of educational companies in the USA, fruit exporting American companies, or the list of transportation companies in the USA. Any category you wish is available in this industry list as 427 of them are recorded!

Does CUF support other countries too?

Of course YES! Company URL Finder database not only consists of the information of companies in the USA but also has the data of companies in other countries too.

Any European country, Asian, African or Australian country are supported. You may look for businesses registered in the UK or a small European country like Monaco.

No difference, all is recorded in the CUF company database. The businesses of different sizes and types from all countries are available in the CUF company database.

You can find the list of companies in the USA or the list of companies in one of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf!

Boost your marketing procedure with other services of CUF!

Many other great and interesting services are provided by CUF for marketers and data analyzers. One of them can find the website URLs of companies automatically.

It means that the user must upload the list of companies’ names and CUF converts these names to companies’ website addresses in minutes.

The lists of companies’ website addresses can be used in email finders as email extractors like Hunter need the website URLs of companies to find their emails.

Another fantastic tool of Company URL Finder can convert the lists of companies’ names to their LinkedIn profiles instantly.

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You need to upload lists of companies and then it converts them to their LinkedIn profiles in seconds and immediately. The third service of CUF finds the names of companies based on their emails.

The user adds the emails of companies and gets their names in seconds! This tool also works in real-time and in bulk. The fourth service of CUF converts the domains of companies to their names. You must upload the lists of companies’ domains and then download their names in seconds.

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