Do you use any company contact information database?

If YES, I congratulate you!

And if NO, I recommend you reconsider your idea!

Today all digital marketers, with no exception, need company contact information databases to access the data of companies and their individuals in bulk and rapidly.

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However, only quality and trusty company information databases will help you. The ones with low data accuracy rates not only have no particular effect on the lead generation process but also mislead you, waste your time and energy, and finally encounter with many unforeseen errors and problems.

Here you are, CUFinder, the best company contact information database in the market!

How to work with the B2B contact database of CUFinder?

The user should choose some filters like location, industry, revenue, etc., to tell CUF what kinds of companies he is looking for.

CUFinder checks its company contact information database based on these search criteria and lists all companies with relevant data in seconds.

You may ask about the list of Mexican companies manufacturing petroleum products or the businesses active in the steel industry of South Africa. Any type of request will be answered rapidly.

You can ask the data and contacts of the persons working in Kazakhstan copper producing companies as CUFinder provides the complete contacts of individuals too.

Location and industry are just two of these filters. Many other search criteria are created, too, like companies’ revenue, No. Of employees, etc., or individuals’ interests, job titles, etc.


You can select only one filter or all of them. It depends on your demand and preferences. But keep in mind that as you increase the number of the chosen filters, the number of the provided companies will become less, and at the same time, more relevant data to your needs will be given.

All marketers need it, whether they accept it or not!

Any digital marketer for whom the matter of time and data accuracy are important uses high-quality company contact information databases like CUFinder.

With CUF assistance, less time is needed for lead generation, and more true prospects’ data is achieved. Prospecting can become a simple but to-the-point process if you trust CUF tools.

In addition to time-saving and data correctness, other CUFinder’s priorities include:

  • Providing various filters to collect more relevant data
  • Gathering both the data of people and companies
  • Giving both contacts and other interesting data like revenue
  • Updating its B2B contact database every month
  • Collecting the data of over 250 million companies

What data is recorded in the CUFinder company contact information database?

Emails, phone numbers, and profiles on social media of companies and individuals are given, plus their names.

Also, many other data about companies like revenue, No. Of employees, domain, address, location, industry, founding year, zip code, logo, etc., are provided in real-time.

Even the revenue of individuals, their job titles and job summaries, interests, etc., are recorded in the company contact information database of CUFinder. You only should copy and paste this data or download it in any file format you like in seconds. Try it to see how simple it works!

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