Lead generation and prospecting have become unchallenging and trouble-free if you use company contacts databases. B2B contact databases are designed to gather the data and contacts of companies and even their employees and employers in one comprehensive data bank.

However, it is really indispensable to choose a company contacts database that is not only comprehensive but also contains accurate and reliable data. Various verification algorithms are usually used in these databases to check the authenticity of data before any record.

Company contact databases can be accessed through various providers and platforms, such as ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg (now part of ZoomInfo), LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and InsideView, offering comprehensive information for connecting with companies and their contacts.

But remember that all B2B contact databases do not follow this data verification process. Choose the tool which guarantees a high data accuracy rate, like CUFinder!

CUFinder company contacts database

The CUFinder B2B contact database is an overarching bank of public and private companies’ information and contacts, plus the data of all members and employees of firms.

In-depth and detailed contacts like emails, landline, and cell phone numbers, social media profiles, website domains, weblogs, addresses, etc., of the CUFinder company contacts database have established a distinguished data network with no error and no interruption.

What is the data recorded in the CUFinder business data archive?

As its name suggests, the CUFinder company contacts database contains the contacts of firms and organizations of all sizes and classifications. Any private or public company in any part of the world has been added to this database, whether it is an SME, startup, or large enterprise.

Over 400 industries are covered, too, from retail to wholesale and from export to import.

It is notable that even the contacts and data of company persons are extracted and recorded in the CUFinder data bank.

What has made the CUFinder company contacts database to be masterful?

  • Covering over 400 industries
  • Various filters for narrowing the results down
  • 98% data accuracy rate
  • High-speed data gathering
  • Thorough list of contacts
  • Detailed general information
  • Free trial
  • Low-priced
  • Both companies’ & their individuals’ data
  • Fresh data
  • Supporting the whole world