Cyprus Company Database

Cyprus Company Database

One of the great tools of CUF is its Cyprus company database. Cyprus is an island country in the Middle East that is near Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. Thousands of companies are registered in Cyprus and are active in different industries and categories.

Have you ever heard the name CUF company databases!? Company URL Finder (CUF) has created company databases of various countries that consist of contacts and data of any type and size of the company.

If you want to find the Cypriot companies for your business purposes like marketing and lead generation, what strategies do you use? You may have tried the old method of searching some keywords like “Cypriot companies” on web. But are the gathered results reliable? Isn’t it a time consuming and a tedious process?

Instead you can try CUF Cyprus company database in which thousands of Cypriot businesses in various types, sizes and categories are recorded.  Marketing is easier that what you think!

How many companies are recorded in the Cyprus company database of CUF?

Over 20,000 small, medium and large companies are recorded in CUF Cyprus company database. It is important to mention that 427 companies’ industries are supported like chemical, plastics, accounting, advertising, libraries, real estate, utilities, warehousing, sports, music, online publishing, retail, textiles, furniture, glass and so many others.

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It is the most complete and the most comprehensive Cyprus company database of the world found nowhere!

How to work with the CUF Cyprus company database?

Enter the CUF dashboard and click on the database on the left side. Then there are two boxes. The first one contains 427 companies’ categories and industries and the second one contains the list of countries. Choose your desired industry from the first list and select Cyprus as the country.

Cyprus Company Database

Then the result is shown as you see in the below picture. There are 1301 companies active in management consulting registered in Cyprus. 311 of them have LinkedIn pages and 297 of their own websites.

Cyprus Company Database

To download the complete list you can purchase it for around 130 $. If you reduce the number of companies that you need their data, the price decreases too.

Also, it gives some free results s you see below:

Cyprus Company Database

What companies’ data are provided by the CUF Cyprus company database?

Companies’ website addresses, LinkedIn profiles, emails, and phone numbers are provided by the CUF Cyprus company database in real time and with no pause. It is the best way and the best strategy to have complete data and contacts of businesses-reliable and fast!

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