How to know if someone read my message on LinkedIn?

Interaction is the one key factor that separates us from the animal realm. Virtual connections are the new normal in the interactions kingdom.

To be honest, most of us have more friends and connections on the internet than in the real world, and the more exciting thing is there are a lot of times that they get worried for us much more than our real friends.

LinkedIn is one of the most important social platforms right now, for its very nature that is the job, business, marketing, learning, etc. So the messages that you are sending people are probably more important for you to know if the other one received them or not than the ones in other platforms.

So the question here is that does LinkedIn have read receipts like other social media platforms and messengers like Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp? The short answer is yes, it does.

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Does LinkedIn Have Read Receipts?

Does LinkedIn have read receipts?

Even when we used SMS services before the Internet got so widespread and before the social media platforms and those wide chat rooms like Yahoo! Messenger, it was always important to see if the recipient had read our messages.

You know, they are always kind of important and their popularity got more and more by the day.

In the digital era, we somehow do mostly everything except eating, sleeping, and breathing on social platforms.

So just like in the real world when you are talking in a meeting (formal or informal), you want to know if the audience is listening and paying attention to the things you are saying and what their opinion is, most of the time.

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Thankfully, LinkedIn has a read receipt system like other platforms. That little tick next to your last message says that your message has been delivered and when the recipient reads it, their profile picture appears in the right bottom corner of your last message, which is your reading receipt.

Just move your cursor on that little picture to see a pop-up message that informs you that the other person had read your message in X date and X time.

There is also a feature that informs you that the person you are messaging to is typing something. They are both important and useful in building connections, marketing, employing, etc. you can always use them to manage your conversations.

Are you not seeing these indicators? Maybe you’ve turned it off at a time and left it like that since then.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on “Me” and select Settings and privacy.
  3. Click on the communications section of the page you are directed to, scroll down to reach the “messaging experience”, and
  4. select “read receipt and typing indicators”.
  5. You will see a message that says “When messaging a connection who has it enabled, both of you will be able to see when each other is typing and when the message is read”,
  6. Tap the toggle to turn it on or off.
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Let’s answer that initial question again. Does LinkedIn have read receipts? Yes it does, just open your messaging section and select the connection you want to see if they read your message. You will see their little profile picture at the right bottom corner of your last message if they did.

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