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Yes, Company URL Finder (CUF) has a free company database. It means that for every search you do, it shows 20 top companies for free related to your searched country and industry.

Company URL Finder respects its customers by providing companies’ names and details of some companies free of charge.

This free company database is a good way for you not only to become familiar with 20 new clients but also to show you the quality and speed of CUF in providing companies’ information.

How to work with the free company database of CUF?

To use the free company database of CUF, enter your CUF ‘Dashboard” and click on “Database” on the left side. Then choose any country and industry you prefer. After clicking on “Find Companies” the top 20 companies’ names and their contacts are demonstrated free of charge.

These 20 free companies’ data is provided for all of your searches and is not restricted and limited. Even if you search one hundred times, this free company database is active for you.

Free company database, download free company list

As you see in the above picture, 20 companies’ data is shown for the industry of “computer Services” in “United Kingdom”. These are the top businesses.

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What information is given by free company database of CUF?

The free company database of CUF provides the names of 20 companies free of charge. These companies are some of the top companies related to your searched country and industry.

In addition to companies’ names, it tells you their website address, location, LinkedIn, Category, country, and city as you see in the below picture.

Which countries are supported in free company database of CUF?

It is worth mentioning that the free company database of CUF covers all countries of the world and you can choose any country you like from the list.

Which industries are covered in free company database of CUF?

427 companies’ categories and types are supported by the free company database of CUF. You can see some of these industries in the below picture.

Free company database, download free company list

How many companies are recorded in CUF company database?

There are around 250 million companies recorded in the company database of CUF, any type and size of companies active in different industries are supported. You can have access to all these companies’ data and contacts rapidly and with no pause.

Free company database, download free company list

Reliable & valid data!

The recorded data in the free company database of CUF is verified and checked. Through the latest verification algorithms and standards, all information is checked.

It guarantees to provide accurate and trustworthy results in real-time and with no latency. If you want to have access to more than 20 companies, you can purchase longer lists of companies at the best competitive prices.

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Company URL Finder is the best choice for accessing companies’ data and contacts like their emails, phone numbers, location, website address, and the URLs of their profiles in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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