Graduation LinkedIn post is the post you design🎨, write, and publish on LinkedIn to inform your connections that you are recently graduated from college🏫 or university🏫.

This is the best way to announce to the people in your network that you have graduated.

Maybe an entrepreneur or a human resource expert in your connection list see this post and become interested in sending you a job offer! Anyway, you have improved to a higher level!

Through graduation and LinkedIn posts, you not only inform others but also record this memorable moment in your LinkedIn account for always. This post would bring good memories back unless a bad experience happened to you on that special day! 🙁

How to make a graduation post on LinkedIn?

Post a relevant image or film

It’s recommended to upload a relevant image or film along with an explanation in the caption. This picture or film can be taken from the moment you got your new degree from the head in the graduation ceremony or even show you an official graduation dress in any other background.

If you choose a picture in which you smile or even laugh, that’s the best!

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Also, it’s better to post a picture or film in which you are alone. And if you prefer a group photo with your classmates accompanying you, upload the one in which you are the focus of attention!

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Because the readers who are not familiar with you should be able to distinguish you from others!

The group picture below is not a good choice! How does a reader understand which person is YOU?

Graduation LinkedIn Post

While in the picture below, though it is a group one, it clearly reveals which person is YOU as you are directly looking at the camera! 🙂

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Don’t forget to add a caption to your image/film!

Images or films are very appealing, but they are not enough singly!

To make your graduation LinkedIn post more interesting, it’s better to talk with the audience through some words. Remember to keep the caption short; a long and complicated caption wouldn’t be nice!

Your answer to the following questions can be recorded as the caption of your graduation LinkedIn post:

  • What is the most valuable lesson you learned in this education procedure?
  • What are your future goals after graduation?
  • How did you overcome the difficulties you faced in this journey?
  • What’s your future direction?
  • Who supported you in your years of education?

Remember to update your new education degree in your LinkedIn profile! All 3 methods are explained!

The first strategy to add your new education to your LinkedIn profile

Enter your LinkedIn “Home” and then click “Me” icon shown on the top right of the page.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Select “View Profile” to enter it.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

In your profile, click the pencil you can see exactly below the cover picture on the right side.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Scroll down to see the section of “Education” and click “Add New Education”.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

On the opened page, you need to add some data related to your new education. Entering the name of the university🏫 in the part of “School” is obligatory, while filling in other parts, including degree, the field of study, start date, end date, grade, activities, and societies, and descriptions are optional. However we recommend you to complete this form from A to Z!

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Finally, you can add any document, image, video file, etc., or link to other websites by clicking “Add Media” which is the last field of the previous form. Remember to “Save” the completed form before closing otherwise, they won’t be added.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Your newly added education will be shown in your “Profile” if you scroll down the page. Any new data will be demonstrated beneath the previous one.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

The second strategy to add new education to your LinkedIn profile

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You can go to your LinkedIn “Homepage”, click on “Me” icon and select “View Profile”.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

In this step, instead of clicking on the pencil, you see below the cover picture (which was explained in the previous strategy), click “Add Profile Section” demonstrated beside the “Open to” icon.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Then click “Add Education” in the presented window.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

After that, you need to fill out the form you see below. Adding the school🏫 is obligatory, while other fields are optional.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

At the end of this form, you can “Add Media” which can be any image, film, website, etc. you like related to this education degree and procedure. Finally click “Save”.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Your newly added education will be seen in the “Education” part if you go to your LinkedIn “Profile” and scroll the page down.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

The third strategy is to add new education to the LinkedIn profile

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Like previous methods, go to your LinkedIn “Profile”. Then scroll down the page to see the “Education” section.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Afterward, click the pencil you see on the right.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

Then click “+” to add a new education.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

In the shown form, you have to add “School” but other fields like degree, grade, etc. are optional (exactly like the two previous strategies).

Graduation LinkedIn Post

At the end of this form, you can add any image, file, website, film, or anything else you like. Save it, finally.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

How to remove the education entries from your LinkedIn profile?

The easiest way is to go to your LinkedIn “Profile”. Then scroll down the page to see the “Education” part.

Afterwards, click the pencil you see on the right side.

Graduation LinkedIn Post
Graduation LinkedIn Post

On the opened page, click “Delete Education” beneath the form. And then “Save” it.

Graduation LinkedIn Post

The last word

If you like to have an updated LinkedIn profile, the one that attracts more people and clients to be connected with you and even grabs the employers’ attention for better job opportunities, it’s recommended that you add your new education in your LinkedIn profile and also upload a relevant post to inform the people about this new Diploma/BA/MA/PhD degree.

The graduation LinkedIn post is better to be a combination of image/video with a relevant caption to make the most impact on the audience.

The influence of LinkedIn in the business world cannot be ignored. Just opening a page on LinkedIn is not enough at all. It’s better to build an updated and complete profile if you like to present yourself as a professional and experienced person!

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