Briefly, to hide connections on LinkedIn, after signing in, click these icons respectively:

  1. Me Icon
  2. Setting & Privacy
  3. Visibility
  4. Change
  5. Finally, determine your preference by Yes or No.

This is the whole easy process to hide connections on LinkedIn. Continue reading the rest of this page to see a more detailed and clear explanation with pictures to learn how to keep your connections private. You will learn how to hide connections on LinkedIn both my PC and cell phone.

How to hide connections on LinkedIn on PC?

1. First of all, enter your LinkedIn account and then click on “Me” above your LinkedIn Homepage at the right corner.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

2. Then click “Privacy & Settings” below the “Account” part.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

3. Click “Visibility” which is seen on the left side of the page and after that tap “Visibility of Your LinkedIn activity”.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

4. Click “Change,” which is written next to the “Connections”.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

5. You can choose “Yes” or “No” by switching the toggle. Keep in mind that “If you turn off this setting, only you can see your connections list. Your connections can still see any mutual connections or connections who have endorsed you.”

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

How to hide connections on LinkedIn on mobile phones?

1. After signing in, tap “Setting” near the ‘View Profile’

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

2. Then tap “Visibility” which is a subset of “Setting”.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

3. Tap “Connections”

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

4. Finally, switch the toggle and choose “On” or “Off”. If you select on, then your connections can see your connection list, and if no, they simply can’t.

Hide Connections on LinkedIn

How to hide connections on Lite LinkedIn?

  • In the navigation bar, tap “Profile Picture”
  • Then “Setting”
  • “Visibility”
  • “Connections”
  • Finally switch the toggle to “Off” or “On”
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Significant points you should consider!

Remember that all your connections have access to the list of your connections by default, so if you do not like it, do not forget to change it and hide connections on LinkedIn at first.

It is worth mentioning that all advertisers can send advertisements to companies’ employees’ connections. They can send ads to them but cannot see them unless your connection is among the list of the advertiser’s connections.

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However, as mentioned in LinkedIn, “You can stop advertisers from serving such ads to your connections (to the extent they are not also the connections of other employees at your company), by selecting No/Off under Connections.”

Why do you want to hide connections on LinkedIn?

I do not know your reason, but as far as I know, some people like marketers are worried that their competitors who may be in their list of connections too, check their connection lists and find out prospects for themselves!

Imagine I am the marketing manager of a foodstuff company in Ireland. I am using my LinkedIn account for lead generation and prospecting. I have made an extensive network with many buyers of food across the globe on LinkedIn.

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Many of the people in my list of LinkedIn connections are my old clients, prospects, or even future customers. However, some of my competitors are in my connection list too.

Now the intelligent competitors can quickly go to my connection list and extract⛏️ the data of many potential buyers for themselves! It is easy, isn’t it? When a competitor sees a buyer of foodstuff in Turkey in my connection list, he may doubt that this purchaser is one of my clients! Then he can connect with him too and may grab the buyer’s attention!

There is severe competition in business; frankly, we must be more careful! That’s why I have turned off this capability, and the LinkedIn members cannot check my connection list. I have to take care of my LinkedIn connection list 😉

You have to take care too!

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