SSI (Social Selling Index) consists of a set of analytics and metrics, which are crucial to improving your marketing strategy. It is a very exact tool to measure your marketing strategies’ performance on LinkedIn and to know where you need to improve.

It demonstrates if your performance was good enough in developing your brand, connecting with the right people, engaging with insights, and establishing relationships.

But how do I check my SSI on LinkedIn? You need to log into your LinkedIn account and find your SSI dashboard.

To check your SSI on LinkedIn: You can check it through Sales Navigator by navigating to Admin and clicking User Reporting.

How Do I Check My SSI On LinkedIn?
How Do I Check My SSI On LinkedIn? 9

LinkedIn introduced SSI in 2014, the social selling index was to help different people in marketing all around the world and the interesting thing is that SSI is only for LinkedIn.

This benchmark measures your performance on the LinkedIn platform and will give you a score of 0-100 based on four different pillars. Each pillar has 25 points and the sum up would be 100.

The studies show that 78% of social sellers have better marketing performance than the sellers who are not active on social media.

Also, the marketers with higher SSI scores have 45% better marketing chances and are 51% more likely to reach their sales shares than users with low SSI scores.

SSI score pillars

How Do I Check My SSI On LinkedIn?

As mentioned, LinkedIn uses four pillars to calculate your SSI scores. These pillars are:

Establishing your brand in the industry

Under this section, LinkedIn investigates if you have a professional profile, the confirmations you’ve received, the number of your posts, the followers you gain from your articles, the page views of your posts, your total followers, etc. Build your brand on LinkedIn; the way to do it is to create valuable posts and articles relevant to the industry you are active in. Also, don’t forget to react and comment on the trending topics. People must see you as the leader you claim to be.

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Connecting the right people

Find the right people. You can always use LinkedIn with many search tools like keywords and filters for finding the right people.

Building a strong💪 network of connections needs to use all of the ways to find the most relevant people to your industry and business.

LinkedIn uses users’ connections data and the connect requests acceptance rate.

Engage with insights

LinkedIn provides you as a seller with different analytics and perceptions about your ideal clients. As LinkedIn describes this section: “Discover and share conversation-worthy information to create and grow your connections.”

The score is defined by the number of comments, reactions, and shares of your posts and also your massages responses rate.

Comment on other users’ posts to encourage them to comment on yours. You are also showcasing your expertise by doing so.

Nurturing relationships

How is your performance in the field of expanding your network? As you may know, it is very important to reach your prospects but also to find people who may guide lead generators to you.

Each of these sections has a direct effect on your SSI score.

Why is SSI score important?

How Do I Check My SSI On LinkedIn?

As LinkedIn claims, as the SSI score increases, the company or the person becomes more successful. As it says, their studies show that users with higher scores get 45% more sales chances, are 51% more likely to reach their sales quotas, and are 80% more productive.

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Although this score is not a guarantee of sales increase, it means a strong relationship on LinkedIn, which means more lead generators and prospects.

Considering that, it is logical to say this score can define your marketing performance. Check your score and work on the sections your score is lower.

You can find how good and attractive your profile is for the right kind of users, and you can identify potential clients faster by strengthening your connection.

That’s why the SSI score is so essential for many users.
The SSI good score is said to be more than 75 for the industry leaders.

Users with 80+ scores are the ones who are using their LinkedIn effectively. If you set your job title and industry title on your profile, SSI will show you the average score in the industry and even your company which is the best way to measure if your score is good or bad.

How do I check my SSI on LinkedIn?

It’s actually pretty easy to check your SSI score. All you need to do is log into your LinkedIn account, navigate to, and see a whole dashboard of different metrics, your SSI, and probably the average SSI score of other users in your industry.

How to increase my SSI score?

You can see the 4 divided into four pillars:

  1. Establish your professional brand
  2. Find the right people
  3. Engage with insights
  4. Build relationships

And a graph that shows your SSI score from 100. Plus, it tries to compare you with other people in your industry and your network through the average score charts it provides. You can use your dashboard measurements to optimize your marketing and attract more prospects.
There are some ways to increase your SSI score:

Complete your profile

You need to have a professional banner and profile photo, a good summary, a good headline, a job title, and experience.

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Don’t forget to enter your recommendations, skills, education, volunteer work, endorsements, etc. anything that might boost your brand can be written in your profile.

Make your content valuable

The content in your profile must show the advantages that a potential client can use if she chooses your company.

So be careful, anything you publish on LinkedIn must speak to your clients. Remember! Don’t make every post-commercial-like.

We all know what happens if you step on that road. Still, remember always to consider your clients and prospects while posting something on LinkedIn.

Find the right people

Use the different keywords and filters LinkedIn provided in advanced search to find senior leaders, CEOs, and other right users in your industry.

Engage with insights

Engage with your connections by reacting and commenting on their posts. Do this daily and comment wisely to show that you are an expert in your industry.

Publish your own content

Publish your original and valuable content. Reposting other people’s content is a way of publishing a post on LinkedIn, but an original post’s value is much more in LinkedIn algorithms. You are showcasing your knowledge and expertise by publishing your own posts.

Be connected to your prospects

Make sure that you add your prospects to your LinkedIn connections, after finding them.

Connect to other leaders

Connecting to industry leaders and CEOs will directly and positively affect your SSI score.


How do I check my SSI on LinkedIn? That’s a three-step thing to do that will help you improve your online marketing performance.

It is proven that users with higher SSI scores have better selling performance. The score is based on 4 pillars: establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, and build relationships.

You can see your SSI score in your dashboard, compare it to other people in your industry and optimize it for better marketing.

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