In 2019, LinkedIn added a new feature to its platform: “skill assessment’. It’s designed to approve users’ different skills they claim to have and to help recruiters evaluate different candidates better and faster. Plus, having different skill badges in the skills section of your profile weighs it much more and makes you more visible.

Yes, passing these quizzes is a way to get more successful in the course of job hunting. But are they really that worthy?

Should everyone pass the skill assessments on LinkedIn?

Are there any flaws in LinkedIn skill quizzes?

How do LinkedIn quizzes work?

The skill quizzes on LinkedIn are there to help you prove the skills that you claim to have in your profile. Each test has 15 questions, and it is timed.

LinkedIn Skill Quizzes have provided a way to prove skills and prove to be worthy of a specific job. You know that these days online assessments have a massive role in the process of hiring, it’s the era of speed, and companies rather not waste their time on unworthy applicants. 

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?

Value of skill section on LinkedIn

Some sections in your profile directly affect how visible you are to employers. LinkedIn work is based on keywords, so any word that you use in the different sections affects your visibility, but the effects are not the same.

The contents of the skill section are some of the most influential factors in how LinkedIn decides to show your profile to different recruiters.

It is totally logical. No recruiter searches LinkedIn using people’s names or their education, but searching with skill keywords is so common.

For example, if they are looking for an expert to optimize their website in search engines, they will search SEO or SEO expert.

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That is a keyword, and LinkedIn will show the users who passed the LinkedIn SEO assessment first because they proved to have this skill and are probably more suitable for the offered job.

Statistics show that users who passed LinkedIn quizzes are 30% more likely to get hired in a position they are suitable for.

What are the skill assessments?

As mentioned, skill quizzes were added to LinkedIn in 2019. While they were not that big a deal for many users for a long time, the recruiters started counting on them more and more in choosing who to hire, and now they are essential for individual users as well.

Skill assessments have provided a way to prove skills and prove to be worthy of a specific job. You know that these days online assessments have a massive role in the process of hiring; it’s the era of speed and companies instead of not wasting their time on unworthy applicants.

That’s precisely what makes LinkedIn quizzes important.

LinkedIn tries to have a key role in the process of identifying candidates and hiring the most suitable ones in different businesses and quizzes are one of the main measures for doing this.

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?

The assessments include a vast number of different skills. It’s uncommon not to find a skill between them. But still, LinkedIn is adding new skills to its assessments day by day.

LinkedIn designs the quizzes 100%. Maybe LinkedIn can provide a feature that lets companies design🎨 their own quizzes in the future.

How do LinkedIn quizzes work?

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?

To take a skill quiz, log into your LinkedIn account. Then click on “Me” and choose “profile view”.

When you are in your profile, scroll down to the skill section under the education part. If you haven’t added any skills yet, click on the “add profile section” in the core section, click on add skills, and find the skills you have in the opened box.

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 50 different skills to your profile.

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The skill assessments are mainly software oriented since the companies usually are looking for people who can work with different software.

That is why we recommend you add the skills LinkedIn suggests. For example, communicating with people effectively and convincing them to buy things is a crucial feature for marketers, yet it’s hard to evaluate such a skill.

Putting these kinds of skills in your profile might be a red flag for some recruiters who want to hire a perfect candidate ASAP.

Now that you’ve added the skills to your profile, you can click on the “take skill quiz”. Choose the field you want to assess your knowledge from the opened page and start the quiz.

Every assessment consists of 15 different multiple-choice questions, and you have 90 seconds to answer each one of them.

Also, the assessments are to be completed in one sitting, which means you can’t stop in the middle and leave for some time.

Limited time and the rule to finish the assessments in one session is to prevent people from cheating.

If you have a disability or something and you need more time to process and answer the questions, you can activate the “accessibility mode”.

It will give you 4.5 minutes to answer each question. This will remain confidential and no one will know that you’ve used it.

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?

The score you need to pass is 70% or more. If your score is above that, you can pass the skill assessment, and you can get the badge that demonstrates you have passed the LinkedIn quiz for that skill, and the badge appears in your profile.

If your score is under 70% and you cannot pass, LinkedIn provides you with some free lessons for a limited time and you can retake the same quiz in 6 months.

Should every user take LinkedIn assessments?

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?

It is a perfect opportunity to prove your skills. But act wise and choose the skills which are relevant to the position you wish to get hired for.

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Imagine that you have a very long list of different skills which are unrelated to the job you are applying for or unrelated to each other.

It might convince the recruiters that you have passed some assessments by chance and that you are not the master that they are looking for.

I mean, it’s not natural for a 30-year-old person to master 50 different skills, is it?

Yet, when you have some skill badges in your profile, LinkedIn probably suggests you as a perfect candidate to a certain recruiter.

And if you have proven skills on your profile, the recruiter who has set up his/her mind on the location, age, education, etc., can decide much easier whether to connect you or not.

LinkedIn quizzes pros and cons

Nothing is perfect in this world. There are always pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and strong💪 and weak points in every matter. LinkedIn quizzes are no exceptions.

How Do LinkedIn Quizzes Work & Everything You Need to Know About Them?


LinkedIn skill assessments are a perfect way to prove your knowledge and skills in a particular field.

I mean, it’s easy to claim that you are a warrior but what’s the point if you lose in the arena right after you enter? Why not use as a way to prove that you are the master everyone is searching for? The best way is the skill quiz.

We talked about skill assessments and how LinkedIn quizzes work. We talked about how to use them the best way and told you about LinkedIn assessments’ strong and weak points and whether everyone should try to pass them or not.

If you are looking for a job on LinkedIn or just want to optimize your profile, one very effective step is to enrich the skill section of your profile with LinkedIn skill badges.

Start right now and increase your chance of getting hired in your ideal position.

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