Social networks are an inseparable part of modern humans’ lives these days, and the influencers are a very important part of these new bases of communication.

Every social media influencer has different tasks to focus on. For YouTube and Instagram influencers, it is the quality of video content; in the tweeter, it is the texts they choose to post.

What is different in LinkedIn? The difference is that the users need a certain level of professionalism and quality to become influencers.

How do you become a LinkedIn influencer?

Why would even want to carry such a burden?

What are the benefits of becoming a LinkedIn influencer?

To become a LinkedIn influencer: Write good content,  Share trending topics, Share a video, Tell a story, Bring value, Engage with others, Connect with people and host a giveaway. 

LinkedIn influencers

How Do You Become a LinkedIn Influencer?
How Do You Become a LinkedIn Influencer? 11

Unlike other social networks, the way to become a celebrity on LinkedIn is not through content, but it is from the connections you make from scratch on the platform.

Although some people naturally bring their audience with them. Celebrities are usually like that. But still, real influencers on LinkedIn are the individuals who built their connections on the platform from level 0.

The other LinkedIn real influencers are the B2B industry leaders.

As individuals become LinkedIn influencers through their works, achievements, presence, etc. But businesses need to prove their expertise in different fields.

They must demonstrate that they are a trustworthy source of information, news, etc., of the industry they work in.

LinkedIn influencers work in three different categories:

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Entertainment

The ones who usually post the lessons that life taught them in the course of achieving success are the inspirational ones.

Some influencers are constantly searching for other people’s inspirational stories, tricks, Strategies, and tips for getting success in the field that they are interested in and share them with their followers.

I must confess that this influencing field requires a lot of time and work, researching, and designing.

The third category comprises those who usually never show themselves and publish other users’ viral posts.

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This way of influencing is considered the easiest way for LinkedIn influencers because you do not need to write and design🎨 your own content.

As we mentioned, LinkedIn influencers are laying on their connections and the power on their audience. Unlike other social networks, the pure focus is not on the quality of content.

Of course, it doesn’t mean the content is not essential; posting excellent and professional content is a strategy always suggested for becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

But the most important thing you should do as an influencer is to build an authentic connection with your audience.

LinkedIn influencers program- official influencers vs. unofficial influencers

How Do You Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

It is known that LinkedIn has an influencer program of its own, in which it gathered 500+ thought and industry top leaders like Richard Branson, Mohamed El-Erian, and Jill Schlesinger. The only way to get into this circle is to receive a direct invitation, which is very hard, if not impossible.

This stringent policy aims to ensure that people are learning from the best in any industry.

So it seems impossible to become a LinkedIn influencer, right?

Well, maybe you cannot become one of those top 500+ influencers, but still, you can always become an unofficial influencer by having significant connections and followers.

How do you become a LinkedIn influencer?

How Do You Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

There are a lot of suggested strategies that can help you to know how to become a LinkedIn influencer. We are going to talk about some strategies.

LinkedIn is a fantastic community of professional and highly educated people worldwide, with over 830 million users from more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn influencers, as mentioned, are users who have a significant number of connections and followers.

They have an influence and a voice of their own.

This means they will engage a considerable population every time they post something online.

Define your target

Know why you want to become a LinkedIn influencer. Do you want to help other users? Do you want to boost your brand reputation?

Do you want more followers to visit your website? To be honest, trying to become an influencer on LinkedIn without a goal is like walking in a desert with no map.

It’s exhausting and a waste of energy🔋.

Take exceptional care of your profile

Think of your profile as a store’s window. Imagine 3 stores next to each other. One of the windows is empty, nothing is there, and it is a deserted island.

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The following window, on the other hand, is too full, but there is no order, and you can find everything in it. The last window is organized, beautiful, and has a professional look.

Which one will you choose to enter and buy something from? The logical answer is the third store. Just because it’s window makes a good impression of how professional they are.

Select a superb and excellent profile photo. Talk about your passions, achievements, and goals. Try to know your audience. LinkedIn is not your office🏢, don’t get too formal.

Your profile should be a scheme of what you like to talk about to attract users with shared interests.


Now that you have enough connections (which is usually more than 500), it’s time to start writing valuable content.

Your content must speak to a target audience. Not like making every post purposive. I mean, it’s better to know your audience before writing content.

The essential thing is to write unique content. Users with something to say can attract more followers quickly.
Use other forms of content than texts.

Videos are 5 times more valuable than plain text posts, and a post with a simple but beautiful picture or GIF can be so much more attractive.

You can sometimes use viral posts. Repost them and be sure that your audiences wouldn’t mind unique and valuable content, even if it’s not yours. Don’t use this strategy too often!

Time devotion

Just like trying to become an influencer on other social networks, time devotion is one of the main pillars of getting successful.

As it is said, they didn’t build Rome in one day, and people did not become an influencer in one night. You might see millions of followers but don’t see the time and effort they devoted to being where they are now.

Be patient and build your network and trust, step by step.

Why should I bother to become a LinkedIn influencer?

While you probably won’t be able to become an official LinkedIn influencer, it is still worth becoming an unofficial influencer.

Why? Let’s have a look at the benefits of being a LinkedIn influencer.

  1. You will be a top voice in your industry and will be able to communicate with other industry leaders who have their own influence. As an influencer, you can encourage them to link back from their idea to yours so that your content gets more views and more people read and comment on your posts.
  2. Getting mentioned by other influencers. It is actually the cream of the crop of being a LinkedIn influencer. When other influencers mention you in their posts, other social media accounts, or websites, people will notice you and your brand, which is an excellent way of boosting your business.
  3. Growing network. The other benefit of becoming a LinkedIn influencer is that now that you are a top voice, users will listen to you and will want to know what you have to say more and more. So it is evident that many people start following you, and as a result, your LinkedIn network will grow bigger and bigger.
  4. People trust. People usually trust influencers much more accessible than regular users. So if you are an influencer, you can introduce your business much more effectively, plus the target society trusts your brand much more accessible.
  5. If you publish valuable content daily, you will earn your audience’s trust sooner than later.
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Gold badge vs. blue badge on LinkedIn

How Do You Become a LinkedIn Influencer?

In the last part, we decided to tell you the difference between the gold and the blue badge on LinkedIn. Because users might get confused by the look of these too.

What do they mean? Does it mean the users with golden badges are more important influencers?

Not at all. Blue badges next to each user’s name mean that LinkedIn recognized them as its official influencers.

While the users with a golden badge are the ones who have LinkedIn premium accounts.

They are not influencers, just paid for their LinkedIn and can use features, courses, etc.


How do you become a LinkedIn influencer? Well, it is no easy task. There are steps and strategies, and remember that it is unofficially impossible for regular users to become official LinkedIn influencers.

Still, you can always try to become an unofficial LinkedIn influencer.

It is nice to have that blue badge in your profile, but you can still reach your goal of becoming a powerful influencer using different strategies and attracting other members to your direction!

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