Just like❤️ on Facebook, you could only like❤️ different posts. It was in 2019 that LinkedIn added other reactions to its platform. These reactions can be very helpful for the users to improve📈 their interactions. I mean, isn’t it faster and easier just to click🖱️ on “Love” than to have to write a long sentence?

Don’t you think🤔 this is a more intimate way of interaction? In this article📝, we are going to talk🗣️ about how do you love❤️ a post on LinkedIn? What are the other reactions on LinkedIn?

What do they mean? Why is it important🖋️ to use⚒️ them? etc.

What are new reactions to LinkedIn posts?

Maybe you have noticed them in the first🥇 days, but if you did not they are right there under the posts and articles📝. “Like” used to be the only reaction you could give a post. It meant “good job!” or something like❤️ that.

But after a while marketing📈 specialists and other users started🏁 asking for more ways to interact on LinkedIn.

Writing different sentences is fine👌 but think🤔 about people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 who want to react to a lot of posts or simply cannot find🔍 a good👌 sentence to say what they mean, or maybe you are a user who posts something on LinkedIn and doesn’t just want people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to like❤️ it, you want to know people’s real feelings.

The reaction feature can help🦮 you, there are 7 different reactions: like❤️, love❤️, support, funny, celebrate, insightful, and curious.

The like❤️ button still works as like❤️, just like❤️ in the old days, but now when you hold on to this button for less than a second🥈, you can see👀 a set of reactions which you can choose from.

How Do You Love a Post on LinkedIn?

How do you love❤️ a post on LinkedIn? It’s easy, just hold on to the like❤️ button and choose it from the set of reactions there.

You can also celebrate people’s accomplishments by the celebrate feature, and show your support or tell🗣️ them that you think🤔 something is funny.

The two other reactions are considered to be the things that can start🏁 a discussion.

You use⚒️ insight to show a post has a good👌 point and you can use⚒️ curiosity to show that you are eager to know more about the subject of a post.

You can only use⚒️ these reactions on a post or article📝.

Unfortunately, users still can only like❤️ the comments on a post, but if you are the post author you still can love❤️ a comment or use⚒️ other reactions.

Maybe LinkedIn will consider this feature for other users too, shortly.

Why should I react or comment on a post?

How Do You Love a Post on LinkedIn?

Have you ever posted something on LinkedIn and did not get the response you were hoping for?

Are your connections⛓️ radio silent when you post, even when they are valuable and well written? Reactions can be a big game-changer.

Unlike what most people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 think🤔, being active, and reacting to many posts does not make your reactions less valuable.

I mean it’s not like❤️ people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 would even notice if you’ve liked a lot of their posts. Getting engaged is not a one-sided road.

When other users see👀 your passion for their posts, they are so likely to react and comment on your posts as well.

Some users might ask, is it enough👌, just to react to a post? Well, the side dishes always make a good👌 meal better right?

Don’t just show that you like❤️, love❤️, support, etc. a post, comment on it. Comments are the side dishes that are more valuable than the main course.

They can start🏁 a discussion or simply tell🗣️ LinkedIn that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 think🤔 a post is interesting for other users.

And of course, writing a good👌 comment can encourage people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to check🔍 your profile or follow you.

Is love better than other reactions?

Not really. It doesn’t matter which emoji you use⚒️ to react to a post or an article📝. All that matters for the LinkedIn algorithm is that you’ve interacted.

But what about commenting?

Yes, comments are much more valuable than plain reactions. In fact, the popularity of a post might be defined by the number of its comments, and don’t forget that longer comments are even more valuable.


How do you love❤️ a post on LinkedIn or how do you show any other reactions to different posts? Just hold the mouse on the like❤️ button to see👀 the reactions available.

You can choose from like❤️, love❤️, support, funny, insightful, and curious.

Whatever suits you! Why bother? Well, the reason to react or comment is that users would notice you and start🏁 commenting and reacting to your posts too. In simple words, engaging will result in other people’s interaction.

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