So, you want to know how to message someone on LinkedIn without premium? Have you ever gotten locked out right when you needed to get in? Yeah, seeing that annoying lock mark right when you find a perfect candidate for sales, employment, or even just for the sake of connection feels exactly like getting locked out.

I mean, you can always send InMails but what if your account is a basic one? How to message someone on LinkedIn that you are not connected to?

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Without Premium?

LinkedIn is the perfect lead generation source. Doesn’t really matter if you are a recruiter, a sales navigator, a job hunter, a business developer, a basic user, etc. there are some times that you need to message one of your 2nd or 3rd connections or even people who are out of your network, right? So how to do it for free?

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How to message someone on LinkedIn without premium?

LinkedIn suggests connecting people out of your network to message them for free. It is also recommended to mention someone or something you share in the connection request, increasing the request accepting rates. But it really is not an ideal way to sell, you know. Mabey fine for other purposes? But it still is the easiest and the most traditional way of messaging people who are not your first-degree connection.

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Without Premium?

Another way is to find those people with public profiles. Thankfully you can message these people so quickly and for free. Although, unfortunately, it is rare to find this kind of profile, so yeah, not that ideal for marketing also.

The other way is to join different groups. You can message LinkedIn group members for free even if they are out of your network, and the more important thing is that you will find a lot of interested health service users when you join a group that is about health care services.

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That is a beautiful chance for lead generation, right? To know which groups to join, just open your target audiences’ profiles and scroll down to see the groups they are in. if you can find a friendly group, open it and click on the number of members. Then click on the search bar of the pop-up page and enter their name. You will see a button in front of their names that says ‘message’; click on it to see a pop-up window to message that user.

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Without Premium?

Sending a message in a group is so perfect, but cold mailing marketing and InMails are much more fruitful. Of course, InMails need a premium and can cost a fortune, but emails are for free, all you need is a reliable source to find the emails of your targets, like CUF.

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This email-finding service has an accuracy of over 98% and you can also do fifteen free searches before deciding whether to like the service. You can use CUF to complete your CRM based on the data of over 257 million companies of all sizes and in every industry. Besides, our database contains more than 130 million real individuals’ information which is a really gigantic lead generation data pool.

You know how to message someone on LinkedIn without premium now. There are always some ways to minimize the expense of marketing. So use the mentioned ways for effective contact.

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