LinkedIn InMails are considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools🧰 among the sales team. It mostly is for the fact that the open rate of InMails is 85% more than cold email📧 marketing📈 and the CTR is 5% more than simple email📧 marketing. Maybe that’s because there is no junk mail section on LinkedIn! Yet marketing📈 with InMail costs a lot. Especially if you want to use⚒️ it for massive connections⛓️. But what is LinkedIn InMail? How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost? How to buy InMail credits?

How Much Do LinkedIn InMail Credits Cost?

What is InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is one of the premium features that allow you to directly message💬 the users who are not in your network🕸️ connections⛓️.

The only members to who you can directly message💬 as a user of LinkedIn’s basic account are the ones to who you are already connected to.

But you get a limited number of InMails for the paid accounts like❤️ premium and sales📈 navigator.

How Much Do LinkedIn InMail Credits Cost?

The LinkedIn InMail open rate is 85% more than regular marketing📈 emails📧 and its CTR is 5% more than cold email📧 marketing📈.

You can enter up to 200 characters into its subject and the body of the message💬 can be 1900 characters which would be about 390 words.

The character limitation is not really an issue because you need to write short and stick to the point in your InMails if you are looking👀 for a high response rate.

How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?

As mentioned. LinkedIn InMail is considered to be one of the most effective cold email📧 marketing📈 tools🧰 among the sales📈 team.

Still, it is quite pricy for that matter! Of course, you get a limited number of InMail credits every month depending on your account.

How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?

And the list goes on for more premium accounts. If you need more credit than the monthly InMail default credit, you have to buy it.

And let me tell🗣️ you that it is expensive to do. Each extra InMail credit price is 10$ per InMails, which is fine👌 if you need one or two more credits.

Yet if you are a marketing📈 team and need 100 more In mail credits each month for example, it would cost you a 1000$ bill to pay every month.

So it is much more financially beneficial just to suffice for the cold email📧 marketing📈 campaign.

How Much Do LinkedIn InMail Credits Cost?

The good👌 news is that you get your InMail credit back for every response within 90 days, whether they are interested or not interested.

But if you send an InMail to the same person again in 90 days, you’ve used one credit without credit back.

How to get extra LinkedIn InMail? It’s pretty easy to buy extra InMail credit.

So if you ran out of credit and need more and are willing to pay the price, log into your premium account, click🖱️ on your profile picture🖼️, and select product settings. In the “Manage your Account” box click🖱️ on “purchase”, now enter the number of InMails (the credit is sold in packs of 10), and click🖱️ “Continue”.

You will get redirected to the payment process and then the credit will automatically get added to your account.

Maximize usage for attracting more lead generators

We talked🗣️ about how much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost? How to buy InMail credits. Yes, it is expensive to buy especially if you need a lot of credit!

So why not try to maximize the usage of InMails? There are some strategies in order to increase📈 the effective usage of the InMails you send.

How Much Do LinkedIn InMail Credits Cost?
  • Don’t waste them on false hope. You can save your credit for three months. So don’t be in a hurry to use⚒️ them in a month. Save them up and think🤔 about a perfect👌 marketing📈 strategy.
  • Use⚒️ data and insights. Use⚒️ these tools🧰 to define where to send your message.
  • Create a good👌 strategy. You know your targets and your budget. To develop a good👌 strategy to use⚒️ your InMail credit.
  • Improve📈 your profile. Your profile is the window of your store. Try to look👀 professional and intimate at the same time⏱️ to attract the leads.
  • Choose your audience carefully. Use⚒️ LinkedIn’s different tools🧰 to define the targets who are beneficial and won’t waste your time⏱️ and credit.


How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost? Well, if you want to buy extra credit, you have to pay 10$ for each extra InMails.

Yes, they are expensive, and yes they are one of the most effective marketing📈 tools🧰. Plus LinkedIn has a credit back policy that takes the InMails credit back to your account if they get a response after 90 days!

So if you have a strategy on how to use⚒️ the extra credit effectively and have the budget to buy it, just log into your premium account and buy as much InMail credit as you need.

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