As we mentioned before and are saying again right now, pictures were always more popular than words. They are the only documents we have from cavemen. They are easier to communicate with and can say thousands of words. Rumi says: “everyone became my fellow from his own opinion”. It is just what a picture does, anyone can have their own interpretation of them. Of course, it usually is not what happens on LinkedIn but still, pictures are worth thousands of words on this platform. So how to post multiple photos on LinkedIn?

To post multiple photos on LinkedIn, go to the post creation box on your LinkedIn homepage and click on the photo icon. Select the photos you want to include in your post from your computer or device. You can select up to nine photos to include in a single post. Once you have selected your photos, add any accompanying text, hashtags, or location information to your post.

How to Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can do it. Users could only publish a single photo per post until 2017, but thankfully, now the limitation is up to 9 slides per post.

The photos we usually see on LinkedIn are some educational stuff. You know what I am talking about, right? Those slides with clipart and some sentences.

To be honest, they remind me of PowerPoint slides that teachers or lecturers use for better learning, and I have to admit mission accomplished! I usually just scroll down most of the text-based posts but watch these kinds of photos and read the texts the author chose for each one of them and learn much easier with these visual tools.

Doesn’t really matter if you are presenting a service or product, promoting an industry event, sharing some team photos, trying to educate people about one specific topic, etc. multiple pictures are still more effective than a long text.

How to post multiple photos on LinkedIn?

Doing this is just like posting photos. Maybe you needed special tricks in the past (which I do not know about); all you need to do is to:

log in to your account

click on ‘Photo’ on top of your homepage

select the photos you want to post (up to 9) click open, tag anyone you want on any photos you like and tap on the ‘Done’ button. Then you can add a caption and hashtag to the post and click on the ‘Post’ button. Tada! You just posted multiple pictures on LinkedIn.

How to Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn?

You need to know that you cannot edit or rearrange the photos after you posted them. In order to arrange them in the order you desire, you can select them in that specific order. Also, you need to know that the file size must be 5 megabytes maximum. The photos you select must be 552 × 276 pixels. You cannot resize the uploaded photos.

Related Questions & Answers

Why Can’t I Add Multiple Photos on Linkedin Post

LinkedIn currently does not offer the option to add multiple photos directly to a single post. The platform is primarily designed for professional networking and content sharing, with a focus on text-based posts. While you can include images in your LinkedIn posts, it is limited to one image per post. However, you can create a carousel post on LinkedIn, which allows you to include multiple images as a slideshow format. To do this, click on the “Image” icon while creating a post, then select the option to create a carousel post and add multiple images. Keep in mind that the ability to create carousel posts may not be available to all LinkedIn users, as it could be rolled out gradually or restricted to certain account types.

Add Photo to LinkedIn Post After Posting

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not currently provide a direct feature to add photos to a post after it has been published. Once you have posted content on LinkedIn, you cannot go back and add or edit the images within that specific post. However, you have the option to delete the original post and create a new one with the desired image included. To maintain consistency and engagement, it’s recommended to review your content before posting to ensure it aligns with your intentions and includes all necessary elements, such as images, to effectively convey your message.


LinkedIn is an all-in-one platform in which you can share everything. From the stories of your everyday life to the experiences, you like to share with people or the product or service you have and like to promote it.

You can post plain text or publish a multimedia post. You can always count on photos to get you more engagements. Doesn’t really matter what the image is about, it can be suggesting some points about a specific topic or promoting a product, or protesting an environmental issue.

Whatever the image is about, it will definitely get more impressions, reactions, comments, shares, etc. than long plain text. Why?

Human’s focus power is getting weaker by the day, and that is not that odd.

We are getting bombarded by different information in this era which is probably why people do not read as they used to. We can get the same information by listening to a podcast, watching a video, or a series of photos.

Do you need to promote a product or service? Do you want to give your connection some information and grab their attention? Use photos. All you need is to know how to post multiple photos on LinkedIn.


How many photos can you post on linkedin at once

LinkedIn allows users to post up to 9 photos in a single post. When creating a post, you can select and upload multiple images simultaneously, and they’ll appear in a carousel format for viewers to scroll through. Ensure each image adheres to LinkedIn’s recommended file size and format for optimal display.

LinkedIn multiple images post size

When posting multiple images on LinkedIn:

  1. Each image should have a maximum file size of 5 MB.
  2. LinkedIn supports images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.
  3. For optimal display, it’s recommended that images have a resolution of at least 522 x 368 pixels.

When uploading multiple photos, they’ll appear in a carousel format, allowing viewers to scroll through them in the post. Always ensure your images are clear and adhere to these specifications for the best presentation.

How Do I order multiple photos on LinkedIn?

To order multiple photos on LinkedIn:

  1. When creating a new post, click on the photo icon to upload images.
  2. As you select your photos, they’ll be added in the order you choose them. If you want to change the order, you’ll need to deselect the images and then reselect them in the desired sequence.

Keep in mind that the interface might evolve, so always be sure to review any on-screen prompts or instructions provided by LinkedIn when making a post.

How Do you add more photos to an already posted post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn currently doesn’t provide a built-in feature to add more photos to an already posted post. Once you’ve posted an update, you can’t edit it to add more images. However, you can create a new post with the additional photos and refer to the previous post in the caption or as a comment, connecting the two posts together for context. This way, your network can easily find and view the additional photos associated with the original post.

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