We always say to write a totally customized note for your connection requests, for it will increase the acceptance rate. But some people may wonder how to see invitation message on LinkedIn. It may seem so simple and it is, yet worth knowing. Since, you know how important it is for everyone on LinkedIn to be able to select those people who can be beneficial for them in different fields, whether they are lead generators, clients, recruiters, potential investors or mentors, etc. it is so important to know why these messages are good for and how to see them if someone sent us one.

How to See Invitation Message on LinkedIn?

It’s really not that complex how to see invitation messages on LinkedIn, you know? All you need to do is to:

  1. open your account,
  2. and click on ‘My Network’.
  3. If you have an invitation with a personalized message, that will be right there.
  4. In fact, there is no need to click on the invitation message for that, it is just there for you to read!
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Why should we personalize the invitation messages? I mean we read everywhere that people are strongly suggesting personalizing our invitations at any cost, but what is the point of that and how should we do it?

Personalized invitation messages: the why and the how

Let me tell you based on my experience. It is essential for people who have a lot of connections, that the one who is trying to connect with them, has the sense to make time for composing a personal message for their invitation as well.

You know, I personally receive hundreds of connection requests every week and I need to select between them.

To be honest, the 30,000 first-degree connection limitation is trouble enough for me to be so picky about the invitations I accept, for I need to leave enough room for the future requests I want to send.

This is a very time-consuming process to review these requests and that is why I usually only spend my time on those requests that have costumed messages with them.

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So, as you see, the most important benefit is that a message in your invitation would be something that grabs the attention of people who are too busy to be able to review the profile of every person who send them a connection request.

How to See Invitation Message on LinkedIn?

When you click on that connect button, you will see a pop-up window that has this automatic message “I’d like to connect on LinkedIn” and that is all.

There is this button that is labeled “add a note” when you click on it, you can write a message to make your invitation unique.

It is suggested to tell the recipient who you are and what you do, and also tell them where you know them from (for instance, if you know them from a party, if you met them at an event, etc.) and why you want to connect with them on LinkedIn. This may seem like a straightforward trick, but it works.

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How to See Invitation Message on LinkedIn?

Now, I have this list that I usually check when I am composing a compelling message for a connection request and now I like to share it with you.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them how you found them
  • Look at their profile for common things (like skills, groups, university, etc.)
  • Tell them what is your intention for connecting
  • Be polite
  • Thank them for their attention and time in advance
  • Be praiseful
  • No need to say that you also have to organize and optimize your profile.
  • The more professional you look, the more probable that people will accept your invitation.

Personalized invitation messages on LinkedIn are what we call the connection catalyst. So, please personalize your messages and now that you know how to see invitation message on LinkedIn, take some extra care for those people who took their time and composed a message for you while they were requesting to connect.

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