Marketing is like air for any kind of business; having a LinkedIn company page is the new normal for every business. When you have a business account, it is so much more important to be active but the more important thing is to encourage different users, especially the target population to view your page. When you do that it is also very important to have a perfect and professional-like company page. It is very important to have some native posts, videos, articles, etc. It is also very important to know how to share LinkedIn post on company page.

There are also some other important things like reacting and commenting on a post as the company page. These are all so important to do, but I am going to tell you how to repost on a LinkedIn company page.

How to Share LinkedIn Post on Company Page?

LinkedIn is a huge society with more than 840 million users. This gigantic population can give you unbelievable marketing possibilities, a huge talent pool to choose from for employment, an indescribable amount of perfect content to share, such an incredible source of lead generators, etc., and at the same time, it makes it hard to stand out.

You cannot be like those huge companies that everyone knows their names, like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, etc. but does it mean you should stop marketing? Not at all. You won’t stop swimming just because you might never become like Regan Smith. This is like the air for your brand and it will be fruitful, even in the short-term.

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How to share LinkedIn post on company page?

More than 80% of the digital marketing traffic is happening on LinkedIn. That is why it is so crucial to have a company page on this platform and know how you should behave on it, but that is another very long discussion that we are not going to have here. Why should we even consider reposting on our company page?

Are there any benefits to it?

Yes, there are benefits to doing so, first is the added value for the content you are sharing.

I mean it is always suggested to publish valuable content in your feed or company page. Don’t have that much valuable content in hand every now and then?

Share some content instead. There is always industry news that can be very interesting, especially for those who are working in that field, articles and related posts are also the same.

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You are building trust by sharing this kind of content. Although people will know that they are shared knowledge, they will consider you as an approved information source after some time, and when you are giving them this potion of mixed posts (shred and self-created) they will get encouraged to use your services and products.

How to Share LinkedIn Post on Company Page?

The other benefit will be that the post’s author will be notified that you have shared their post on your company page.

Most of these people are experts and maybe you can encourage them to have a look at your company page. Who knows, they might like to work with you or even invest in your brand.

Also when you share a post, your company logo will appear in the share section under the post, and people who click to see the reposts will see your logo.

That can seem too simple but a lot will view your business account and it is hard to predict how many clients can come out of them.

There are two ways to share a post on a company page:


Click on the share/repost button under the post in your feed and click on repost with thoughts. You will see two buttons next to your profile picture; click on the left one, and in the pop-up window select your company page, and click save. Then click on the “Post” button to share it on your company page. Writing an opinion or something on top of the thing you are reposting is suggested.

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How to Share LinkedIn Post on Company Page?


In the latest update, LinkedIn added a much more approach to its platform for reacting, commenting, and sharing posts as a company page. Just click on that little triangle next to your profile photo at the bottom of the post you like to share. Select your company page from the pop-up window and hit save. Your logo will appear instead of your profile photo. Click on the share/repost button and share it directly or repost it with your thoughts about this matter.

Doesn’t really matter which method you select; the result will be the same. Learning how to share LinkedIn posts on the company pages is a huge step towards successful branding on LinkedIn and if you are on the correct route, go on.

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