What is BMC certification? How does it help your resume? What are BMC certification benefits? How to add BMC certificate to LinkedIn? There are thousands of different certifications you can get online these days, but not all of them are designed as engaging as the BMC course, are they? BMC (Bloomberg Marketing📈 Concepts) is an electronic learning course.

It is an introduction to the monetary markets and working with the Bloomberg terminals.

Taking this course will allow anyone to demonstrate that they can use⚒️ Bloomberg terminals to extract⛏️ financial information and analyze different companies🏭.

How to add BMC certificate to LinkedIn?

BMC course lasts 8-12 hours and you need to complete 4 of 8 different categories before you can earn your BMC certification. A certification will get added to your account.

  • One perfect👌 thing about the course is that it’s self-paced and that you have one year to complete it!
  • Economic indicators
  • Currencies
  • Fixed income
  • Equities
  • Terminal basics
  • Commodities
  • Equity options
  • Portfolio management

The course is totally online and it is recommended that you use⚒️ a laptop🖥️ instead of a tablet or smartphone.

The course is mostly video-based and thankfully unlike most of the online learning platforms’ video📹 content📜, a teacher won’t stare at the camera and talk🗣️.

The videos📹 are mostly case studies, feeds from Bloomberg terminals, and interactions through quizzes.

BMC course is very engaging and Bloomberg owes it mostly to the case studies. You will learn financial fundamentals through major financial events in the 20th and 21st century, like❤️ financial crises, depressions, stagnations, etc. so you might actually remember or experience some of them.

So you can understand the concepts much better in the interviews, documentation, etc.
The 120-question quizzes are another positive point to test if you’ve understood the concepts.

At the end of every chapter you will do the quizzes and the correct answers will appear immediately to review before going to the next chapter.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certification that is confirmed by CFA.

Bloomberg terminals

How to add BMC certificate to LinkedIn?

As mentioned, the focus of the BMC course is on the Bloomberg terminals and their usage. Using⚒️ these terminals is so common in most financial services🧰 corporations, which probably is what makes this course different from other financial courses.

You will learn how the market data will be displayed, analyzed, and interpreted in these terminals, through the BMC course.

And of course, there are some sections designed for you to have interactions with a fake Bloomberg terminal screen to provide you with the experience of working with this technology.

If you’ve never had the experience of working with the Bloomberg terminal screens, this would be a perfect👌 semi-practical experience for you.

Of course, you wouldn’t be a Bloomberg terminal expert💡 at the end of this course but you also wouldn’t get lost in front of one of them.

If you are a student the course will cost $149 for students and the cost for professionals would be $249.

BMC certification benefits

We need to consider the benefits of everything we do for the speed of the modern era. From wearing a suit or casual for a date to relationships, etc.

of course, you need to know the benefits of a course before paying cash and spending time for it.

So what are the BMC course benefits?

Familiarity with market concepts
You will get to know different financial concepts through the financial events in recent centuries. So if you are new to this field and want to enter it and become a professional financial expert💡 or any financial thing else, BMC can be a perfect👌 entry gate for you.

Knowledge of the Bloomberg terminals
As mentioned before, you will get introduced to Bloomberg terminals through this course, and it would be a privilege if you enter an interview with this kind of knowledge for a financial job position.

Certification that is confirmed by CFA
You can download your BMC certification or simply add it to your LinkedIn profile. It can complete your profile and as the studies show, users with a complete LinkedIn profile are 40 times more likely to be offered a job by recruiters.

Get to know the financial language
If you are new to the vast world🗺️ of finance, you first🥇 need to learn that world’s language, right? One of the best😎 ways to do so is the BMC course.

How to add a BMC certificate to LinkedIn?

How to add BMC certificate to LinkedIn?

Now that you receive your certification, why not show it to the world🗺️? But how to add BMC certification to LinkedIn?

Follow the steps below to download and share📤 it on your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Go to the Bloomberg for education website
  2. Click on BMC on the bar above the opened page
  3. Now if you enter your account, you can see the courses you’ve completed
  4. Download click on the Bloomberg certification on the right side of the opened page and click download
  5. But if you want to add it to your LinkedIn profile, just click on the “Add to profile” icon and it takes you straight to the “add the licenses and certifications” section.
  6. Enter the information required information from the certification you’ve just downloaded and click “save”


BMC certification is an online course that is great to have on your resume, especially if you are applying for a job in the financial market.

It is an introduction to market concepts and would be a great knowledge to have while you are entering the world🗺️ of finance.

You can take this certification by completing 4 of 8 categories that are offered in the Bloomberg Market Concepts course and share📤 it in your profile.

We mention how to add BMC certificate to LinkedIn and of course, how to download the certification.

So if you’ve earned your BMC certification recently, just go in and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

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