Modern humans are less patient, so it’s only natural for them to watch or hear things instead of reading them, let alone read lengthy books or texts. We get distracted much easier these days and would rather know a subject’s most critical points instead of reading on and on about one subject. Bullet points can do the job!

So how to add bullets in LinkedIn mac? All you’ve got to do is to hold Alt and 8 on the keyboard.

To add bullets in LinkedIn mac: Click on the pencil icon on the right corner of any sections you like to add bullet points; then hold the Alt key and type “8” on the keyboard and the bullet point appears.

How to add bullets in LinkedIn mac?

Shorten the paragraphs, make them to the point, attract your viewers’ attention to the things you want them to keep remembering, and make your profile look more professional.

How to add bullets in LinkedIn mac?

Adding bullets to LinkedIn using a mac is much easier than on other devices, I mean you won’t need a spare keyboard with a num lock. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the pencil icon on the right corner of any sections you like to add bullet points. 
  2. Select where you like the bullet points to be.
  3. Hold the Alt key and type “8” on the keyboard.
  4. The bullet point appears.
  5. Click on the “Save” icon.
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Bullet points: the why, the where, the how

How to add bullets in LinkedIn mac?

The why:

As mentioned, if you want to successfully attract the profile viewers’ attention to some particular points, bullet points are an essential part of your profile.

Besides, they will organize your profile descriptions, posts, etc., make your texts short and to the point, and not confuse your audience bored.

Using bullets will improve efficiency and engagement, and the reader can understand and remember what you want.

You also can make sure that bullets cover every subject in your mind in LinkedIn mac.

Plus, who is not aware of the effect that a short and to-the-point list has on the readers’ engagement?

And don’t you think that using bullet points makes your posts, profile, etc. look much more professional?

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The where:

Bullet points are to be used in lists or to convey important points, to shorten and summarize long texts, etc.

You can use them to describe your characteristics in the “about” section, to describe your job experiences, to write an engaging point to get a lot of views and impressions; I mean, the list can go on and on.

For example, if you wrote a paper and want to encourage people to click on the link you provided, you can list and/or summarize or bold some fundamental aspects of it in a post. For instance:

The paper we published in the link below discusses:

  • What SEO is
  • The SEO is essential for a site that sells spare parts for stock laptops 
  • What to remember for optimizing your site
  • What are reportages
  • Should we use backlinks

Additionally, you can use bullet points for item lists and think that you are writing a post for gardening. You can use bullet points to list the things your reader needs to plant different seeds.

  • Garden soil
  • Shovel
  • Seeds ready to plant
  • Fertilizer
  • moderate weather
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You can also give your audience instructions using Bullets. 

The how:

We covered how to add bullets in LinkedIn mac above. Here we will talk about some tips on how to use bullets better:

  1. Try to keep your bullets as short as possible
  2. Try to keep them at the same length; this will make your text look much better
  3. Make each bullet relevant to the next one
  4. Use the same font for bullets
  5. Don’t make a very long list with bullets
  6.  Break it into some parts of the list is so long
  7. Be as to the point as possible


Bullet points are a way of conveying your expertise to your audience. You use them to shorten your long texts and attract the readers’ attention to some critical things you want them to remember without making them bored.

We told you how to add bullets in LinkedIn mac, what they are and why they are essential, where to use them and how to use them.

So if you never used to put bullets in your posts and did not use them in your profile, try it from now on!

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