There is no doubt that video📹 files are dominating the social media📹 world🗺️. They are more attractive, more engaging, and definitely easier to remember. And guess what? They will get even more engaging if you add a caption and subtitle to them.

How to add captions to a LinkedIn videos? All you need to do is upload a .srt caption file while posting the video.

Captioning your LinkedIn videos📹 is a must. Not only for the sake of deaf users or those with impaired hearing but for many people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 who watch the videos📹 with a mute sound and, of course, to make the viewers more engaged.

The studies have shown that users don’t just scroll down the videos📹 when they have captions or subtitles.

And the view counting for views starts after three seconds on LinkedIn. So all you need to get a good👌 number of video📹 post views on LinkedIn is to keep your viewers on the video📹 for over three seconds.

And of course, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 usually tend to keep watching a video📹 file after some seconds of watching!

You might have noticed that the video📹 files are getting posted more and more on LinkedIn. As we mentioned, they are more engaging and so much easier on the eyes👀 than text📝 posts.

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I mean, just like❤️ in the real world🗺️ were watching a movie is easier than reading a book📙. Yes, we are to study more and blah blah blah, but let’s be realistic; we all know that it’s not the thing that happens.

Humans are becoming less patient by the day, and nowadays, we all rather get our information from a video📹 or even a podcast rather than a long text📝 or any other reading materials.

And since we are using⚒️ LinkedIn mostly when we are at work or on our way home, it is necessary for the videos📹 to have captions because they mostly are played on mute!

How to add captions to LinkedIn videos?

Thankfully you can use⚒️ open and closed captions on your videos📹 on LinkedIn. But seriously, what is a closed caption, and how is it different from an open caption and open or closed subtitles?

FeatureClosed captionOpen captionClosed subtitleOpen subtitle
ApplicationShared to make it easier to understand for people with impaired hearing, people who are watching the video on mute or in a busy environment, for scenes that the viewer might not hear and understand the dialogues easily Shared to make it easier to understand for people with impaired hearing, people who are watching the video on mute or in a busy environment, for scenes that the viewer might not hear and understand the dialogues easily Translation of/to a foreign language or some dialogues that are not in the language of the projectTranslation of/to a foreign language or some dialogues that are not in the language of the project
 WebEnglish content, Voice effects are entered besides the dialogues; you can switch it offEnglish content, Voice effects are entered besides the dialogues, Burned on the videoTranslation from/to a foreign language, and you can switch it off Translation to a foreign language, Burned on the video
On and off feature

Let’s follow the steps and see How to add captions to LinkedIn videos.

  1. Create your video
  2. Make a caption (manual or auto-generate) in srt format
  3. Log into your LinkedIn account
  4. Open your feed
  5. Click on the “video” option under the box that says “share a post”
  6. Upload the video (up to 15 minutes long)
  7. Click the edit button on the right corner
  8. Hit the “video caption file (srt only)” button
  9. In the opened box, click on the caption file and select it
  10. Now that you’ve added the caption click post
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Captioning time

You have two different main ways to generate a caption for your videos📹. You can either generate the caption or the subtitle manually✋ using⚒️ applications like❤️ subtitle workshop (which needs so much time⏱️ and effort) or use⚒️ auto-generate caption services⚙️.

We are going to introduce some of these services and how to work with them to you:


YouTube has definitely progressed too much in recent years. You can now generate captions and subtitles automatically using⚒️ this video📹 service⚙️ and more importantly, it is free!

But it is not so accurate, and you need to edit the caption yourself too.

How to Add Captions to LinkedIn Video?

Another option to generate captions for your videos is, it is fast and accurate, but it’s not free. Rev has three different captioning services.

Human transcription and English captions for $1.5 per minute and global subtitles for $5-12 per minute with a guaranteed 99% accuracy. guarantees that the caption is ready within 24 hours.

  1. Open
  2. Select English caption or human transcription
  3. You have three uploading options: upload directly from your computer, paste a URL, and pull it from YouTube or Vimeo
  4. Upload your video
  5. Then you will get redirected to the payment page  
  6. Choose your payment option and pay the price
  7. When the caption is ready, you will receive an email containing a download link
  8. You can go through the caption to make sure that there will be no errors.
  9. If everything is fine, click the download button
  10. Select the srt format and download the caption
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How to Add Captions to LinkedIn Video?

Another perfect service for captioning is This service is so easy to work with and you can do a lot with it.

  1. Sign in to your Zubtitle account
  2. Upload your video
  3. The caption will be generated instantly
  4. You can edit the sentences and timing, templates, text style, you can add your personal logo and resize the video
  5. When you are done editing just click on the download6.  Select download srt

The service is free for two videos a month but if you need more captions, or you want to remove the watermark from your videos, you need to subscribe.

How to Add Captions to LinkedIn Video?


Captions are a must for posting videos📹 on LinkedIn. They will engage your viewers even if they are deaf or simply are watching with a muted sound.

We told you how to add captions to LinkedIn video📹 and introduced you to three very powerful auto-captioning services⚙️.

You can use⚒️ them and easily produce captions for different videos📹 and upload the subtitles with your videos📹 on LinkedIn.

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