Company logos, the designed pictures to make people remember you! Logos are one of the most effective elements of branding your company on LinkedIn. So better to show it in your profile so people can see it, right? Besides, you will have your clients, prospects, and lead generators who might be looking for you on LinkedIn; a logo will help them to find you in a snap.

In this article, we will tell you how to add a company logo to LinkedIn, what to do if your logo is not showing in the profile, the difference between a company page and a personal profile, and how to create a company page, and we will talk about some branding strategies.

To add company logo to LinkedIn: When you enter the company page, scroll down to see the “Edit Page” button and click on it; Then click on the page info, then click on the pencil icon under the “Page logo,” select your logo and click on “save.”

How to Add Company Logo to LinkedIn?

How to Add Company Logo to LinkedIn?

There can be two different scenarios for adding a company logo to LinkedIn.

Company owner

You need to be the company page administrator to make changes to it. So, make sure that you are the administrator as well.

Are you the company owner of the company that wishes to add the logo to your LinkedIn? If so, it means that you are probably the company page administrator too.

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If you are the administrator, just log into your personal profile and click on your profile photo to see your company page under the manage headline.

When you enter the company page, scroll down to see the “Edit Page” button and click on it.

Click on the page info, then click on the pencil icon under the “Page logo,” select your logo and click on “save.” Congrats! You’ve just added your company logo to LinkedIn.


As an employee working in a company, you probably want to add the companies you’ve worked with or are working with to your profile.

It’s so easy; just enter your LinkedIn account, click on your profile photo, and select the “view profile” option.

Once you are in, scroll down to experience. The companies you’ve worked with must have a company page on LinkedIn so you can add their page and their logo to your profile.

Click on the “+” icon, add your position and the company name, and hit the save button. You can see that job experience and the company logo in your profile’s “experiences” section.

Company page vs. personal page

The personal pages are the pages that you have as a LinkedIn member. You can enter your personal information in its profile section and discuss your thoughts and ideas in your personal page’s posts.

You can also use it to build your network and interact with your connections. Even to represent your brand.

A company page, AKA LinkedIn page, is the page that only presents your company on LinkedIn.

It is not linked to the founder or an employee profile, but there are ways to link them.

The LinkedIn company page is where you can introduce your brand, the industry you are working in, what you do, your brand’s capabilities, your goals, etc.

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Some people might wonder whether they should create a LinkedIn company page. Well, situations vary, but here is some guidance to help you decide.

Are you the only owner or the public presenter of your brand?

Let’s explain it with an example; imagine that you have a company named “Sammy fashions,” and you, “Sammy” is the brand’s owner and face.

It is essential to concentrate on developing your personal profile.

We are not saying that you should forget about your company page, but if you are the brand’s face, you need a solid personal network to grow your business more and more.

Are you thinking about growing your company?

If you are looking to grow your business scale and probably make it a corporation, it is a good idea to have a company page on LinkedIn and put time and energy into improving it.

Most startups are in the first category when they establish their business, so we suggest first concentrating on optimizing their personal page, and then when they hire some full-time employees or want to make their company a corporation, focus on their company page.

LinkedIn branding strategies

How to Add Company Logo to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform with more than 860 million users. So it is a beautiful place to hunt for jobs, lead generators, prospects, and clients.

Looking to represent your brand on LinkedIn and grow your business?

You need some strategies for that. Some of the most potent branding strategies are visual ones. Use them and make a long-lasting effect.

A. Visible logo

Whether you are a staff in a company or the owner of that company, make sure that the corporation’s logo is visible in your profile. It helps the branding of the company, and it also improves your profile.

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B. Add perfect media to different posts you are sharing

We are so weak to remember texts or even what we hear, but we become experts when remembering what we see.

So posting media related to what we do or want to do helps our viewers to remember our brand and us, and of course, it elevates their engagement.

Since it is a perfect way to encourage them to visit your website and provide them with the information you want them to know about your products and services.

C. Choose and add a background

Make sure you add a good background picture; it should talk about your profession or brand, whether you are working on a personal or a company page. Background pictures will signify your LinkedIn page!

D. Make sure that your profile photo is perfect and visible to everyone

Yes, it is essential to have a professional profile picture (your picture for the personal page or the logo for the company page) in your profile.

Who can trust a company with no logo or someone who does not have an accurate picture on professional social media?

When you don’t add a picture, you suggest to your viewers that you are not trustworthy.

It is a fact that people trust it much easier when they can see someone’s face, and for companies, the logo and background picture is the face.

Make your viewers remember your company by your brand logo.


How to add the company logo to LinkedIn? That’s doable on the company’s page.

You need to add a logo to your page so that people can distinguish you in the searches’ to remember you better and trust you more accessible.

So, if you think it’s time to have a LinkedIn company page, create one, and don’t forget to add a logo to it.

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