As you might know, having a good👌 and robust profile is a significant factor in reaching your goal on LinkedIn. A critical 🖋️ section you must take special care of is the licenses and certifications section.

This is where you prove how skillful you are to recruiters and other LinkedIn members. Since Google is now essential 🖋️ part of any business🏭, being certified by this company🏭 can have a very significant effect on recruiters.

So let’s talk🗣️ about how to add Google AdWords certification to LinkedIn. You can add it in the licenses and certifications section of the recommendations part of your profile.

How to Add Google AdWords Certification to LinkedIn?

Before we explain how to add Google AdWords certification to LinkedIn, we will talk🗣️ about what Google AdWords is.

Google AdWords certification

Google AdWords certifications are one of the important🖋️ certifications that can help🦮 you so much in proving that you are worthy enough👌 for many jobs which are offered daily on LinkedIn.

These certifications show that Google knows you as an expert💡 in different Google ads aspects. There are six categories that you can be certified for:

Google Ads search🔍:
By earning that certification, you announce that you are a professional in Google Ads search🔍 campaigns.

Google Ads display:
This certification shows your ability to make helpful display advertisements and reach your marketing📈 goals.

Shopping Ads:
This certification shows your ability to connect different products to different purchasers.

Google Ads video:
Google Ads video📹 certification demonstrates your ability to get results from google video📹 advertisements and YouTube advertisements.

Google Ads app:
This certification shows your mastery of creating and improving app campaigns for different marketing📈 goals.

Google Ads measurement:
Having this certification means that you can measure and improve📈 Google Ads campaigns’ performance.

These certifications mean that Google knows you as an expert💡 in online advertisement. To access your certification or get a certification, you must go to the skill🧰 shop website.

You will be evaluated in a test or if you already have your certification, you can see👀 it there.

How to add Google AdWords certification to LinkedIn?

Adding Google AdWords certification to your LinkedIn is pretty much the same as adding other certifications. First, you need to log into your LinkedIn account, then click🖱️ on ‘Me’ and go to the ‘View Profile section.

How to Add Google AdWords Certification to LinkedIn?

If you’ve already added some certifications to your LinkedIn, scroll your profile to reach the ‘Licenses & Certifications’ section.

Click🖱️ on ‘+’ to see👀 a box that asks about the certification’s features like❤️ name and date.

Just type Google AdWords specifications in the required boxes. If you’re not sure about the exact information just log into your skill🧰 shop account, click🖱️ on your profile icon on the right corner, then click🖱️ on “My Profile” and then you can see👀 your certifications.

If your certification doesn’t have an expiration date, check🔍 the option that says “This credential doesn’t expire”, but if it has an issue and expiration date which Google AdWords usually have, uncheck it.

You can click🖱️ and open the certification in your skill🧰 shop account for the credential ID.

You will see👀 a completion ID next to the certificate’s expiration date, just copy the number into the so-called box on LinkedIn.

For the credential URL, you need to copy the address of your certification in the box. Click🖱️ and save it and add it to the licenses and certifications section.

How to Add Google AdWords Certification to LinkedIn?

If you’ve never added a certification to your Linked, you need to:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Click on ‘Me’
  3. Go to “View Profile”
  4. Click on “ add profile section”
  5. Select recommended
  6. Click on “Add licenses & certifications”
  7. Repeat the steps above

What if our certification is PDF?

How to Add Google AdWords Certification to LinkedIn?

Doing this is really easy. If you’ve earned a certification and it’s not online, the best😎 way to upload it is by using⚒️ Google Drive.

Just log into your google drive and upload your certificate there. You can upload it by selecting ‘+ new’ and clicking🖱️ on the file upload.

Then select your certificate in the opened box and upload it. You can also just drag and drop it.

Now that you have uploaded the certification right-click on it and select “get link”. Before you copy the provided link⛓️ click🖱️ on the section below the box and select anyone with the link⛓️.

If it’s restricted, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 can’t see👀 it by the link⛓️ you have provided for the certification on LinkedIn. Now copy the link⛓️ and repeat the steps mentioned above.

LinkedIn- the route to having a successful job

LinkedIn was launched in 2003; it was initially a social network🕸️ for recruiters to post job opportunities and for job seekers to put their resumes online and to connect⛓️ these two.

But after some time⏱️, LinkedIn became the best😎 business🏭 network🕸️ out there. Not only has it helped people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to find🔍 jobs or suitable👌 employees, but it also helped to meet other users with shared📤 business🏭 interests.

It is a place that helps🦮 you to grow your business🏭 and your brand altogether.


As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a job-oriented network🕸️ in which knowing what kind of job you are looking👀 for plays a vital 🖋️ role.

Also, you need a valuable profile to prove that you are worthy enough👌 for an ideal job or to convince recruiters to massage you.

Having different certifications, especially the ones about marketing📈 can help🦮 you a lot in this process.

We talked🗣️ about how to add Google AdWords to LinkedIn, what Google AdWords is, and how to add PDF certifications to your LinkedIn.

So if you have a Google AdWords certification and did not add it to your account yet, do it now.

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