A strong💪 and completed resume is the thing that will help you succeed on LinkedIn. It can attract recruiters and cause a very significant increase in getting job offers. One of the more critical sections of the profile, after the experiences, would be licenses & certifications.

So it is essential to be certified for the job you are aiming for. If you want to work as a data analyst, having a google analytics certification in your profile is a strong💪 point for you.

So how to add a google analytics certificate to LinkedIn? Just add it to your licenses & certification section.

How to Add Google Analytics Certificate to LinkedIn?

How to add google analytics certificate to LinkedIn?

It’s not a complicated task. Just follow the steps below to do so.

  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Click on ‘Me’ and select the ‘View Profile’
  • Scroll your profile to reach the ‘Licenses & Certifications’ section
  • Click on ‘+’
  • Enter the required information in the opened box
  • Click save
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You won’t have a licenses & certifications section if you’ve never added any certifications. So click on “Add profile section”, then select the licenses & certifications in the opened box, now enter the required information in the opened box and click on “save”.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service designed by google to show and analyze the viewer statistics for any website. This service is a very important tool for marketers and webmasters to optimize their websites and try to increase their rank on google.

This system provides a way to review and analyze the data of the viewers, their activities, the time they spend on one page, or the time they spent browsing the website and will show you the page they decided to close. So the website manager has a lot of data to manage the website.

One of the very important features of google analytics is that you can define a period to narrow down the data you have to analyze them better and other things you want to do as a data analyst.

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But what should anyone do to earn this certification? You need to pass the google analytics individual qualification AKA GAIQ exam.

This exam is a recognized test to assess your expertise as a data analyst. The exam includes basic to advanced concepts like planning and most principles, configuration and administration, conversion and attribution, etc.

The google analytics exam is free of charge and remains valid for 12 months. The exam time is 90 minutes, with 70 questions in total. The questions are randomly drawn from a vast library of questions and are in multiple-choice and true or false forms.

Bear in your mind that it is a one-seat exam, meaning that the timer won’t stop once it starts counting. Besides, you need to answer each question when they appear; you cannot go back to answer the ones you left unanswered.

To pass the exam, you have to score 80% correct answers, if not, you’ve got to wait for 7 days to retake the exam.

Why bother?

The first answer is that google analytics is one of the most used services in the SEO market. As the experts say: “You cannot improve it if you cannot measure and analyze it.” Analytics is the basis of SEO, social media marketing, e-marketing, etc. you cannot do a thing to improve any of them without correct and precise data.

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The benefits of google analytics are a lot, but we instead mention only three of them:

  • Developing data analytic skills
  • a powerful sign of expertise in data analysis for the related jobs
  • job security


LinkedIn is a job-oriented platform that gives you a better chance of job haunting if you have a complete profile.

Having a Google Analytics certification on your profile can play a very important role if you like to get job offers like the position of a data analyst. You are demonstrating your expertise in the vast world of website management.

We taught you how to add google analytics certification to LinkedIn? So if you’ve earned this certificate, go on and add it to your profile!

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