IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) is a global education program to prepare the younger generation to enter top-tier universities🏫. The program lasts for two years and is designed for 16 to 19-year-old students.

The program is running in 140 countries🗺️ and the diploma is confirmed and recognized by many of the best😎 universities🏫 all around the world🗺️.

How to add an IB diploma to LinkedIn? Just go to the education section of your profile👨‍💼 and after clicking🖱️ on the “+” icon, type “International Baccalaureate,” then add other information and save it.

How to Add IB Diploma to LinkedIn?

Why an IB diploma?

IB is an academic program that is designed to educate 16 to 19-year-olds to enter the best😎 universities🏫 and have a successful life. The program was designed in 1960 in Switzerland, and the goal was to provide a chance for students all around the world🗺️ to earn a credible and international diploma.

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To earn this diploma, students must participate in classes in six different subjects, pass the IB exams, and complete three additional requirements.

Children are taught to think🤔 critically and independently, and this program has some benefits that cannot be ignored.

1. Vast studies

Unlike regular high school🏫 education, students in the IB program have no obligation to limit themselves to three to four subjects. In fact, they are required to participate in six different subjects classes. The subjects include mathematics, language and literature, art, humanities, experimental science, and language acquisitions.

2. Experiential learning

IB program students participate in clubs, projects, community services⚙️, sports, etc., and pursue and develop their skills🔧 and interests in cooperative activities. This way, not only do they develop a sense of cooperation but also will learn through experience.

3. Freedom

The students are encouraged to follow their instinct to learn different things. They are also encouraged to link⛓️ what they learn in the classroom and what they experience in real life. In fact, you are free to seek out what you are interested in, during the program.

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4. Research

Students also are encouraged not to suffice the theoretical knowledge. Their research skills🔧 grow during the program to help🦮 them in their academic or even future life.

5. To think🤔 independently

Unlike many of the traditional class systems, the teachers in the IB program are not the one and only voice. The students are taught to think🤔 independently and to talk🗣️ about things they think🤔 are not suitable or they have a different idea💡 about.

6. An international degree

IB diploma is an international degree, and it’s credible in more than 140 countries🗺️ around the world🗺️. You can enter some of the best😎 universities🏫 like❤️ Harvard and Princeton with this diploma.

7. Universities🏫

A study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) suggested that IB students have better chances of entering the UK’s top universities🏫 and colleges, and they are much more likely to enter the top 10 US universities🏫.

How to add IB diploma to LinkedIn?

Now! How to add IB diploma to LinkedIn? Have you graduated from the IB program and like❤️ to share📤 your diploma on your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼? Follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click🖱️ on “Me”
  3. Select “View Profile”
  4. Scroll down to reach the education section
  5. Click🖱️ on the “+” icon
  6. Type “International Baccalaureate” in the opened box
  7. You will see👀 the school🏫 logo
  8. Enter other information
  9. Save it
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The IB Diploma is an international degree, first🥇 designed in Switzerland and is now offered in more than 140 countries🗺️.

The diploma is recognized by top-tier universities🏫 in more than 90 countries🗺️, and its graduates have a much better chance of entering universities🏫 such as Yale and Stanford compared to students of regular schools with similar skills🔧.

We told you How to add an IB diploma to LinkedIn and why you should even choose an IB Diploma over regular classic education.

So if you are an IB graduate, go on and share📤 your diploma in your LinkedIn profile👨‍💼.