Have you ever walked to another person’s office?🏢 Usually, the first thing we all do is to take a quick look👀 at everything in the room. For example, I love❤️ to take a look at the photos, and some people look at the furniture or any other things at the office.

Why do we do that? To find shared interests. This is precisely what the interests section does on LinkedIn.

Your profile is like your office room, and the interests are those pictures🖼️ on your desk🖥️ or the books📚 on the shelves.

People love to know about what you like and use🔨 them to find🔍 an object to find topics to talk about 🎤.

They are very important so How to add interests on LinkedIn is the main topic we will talk about in this article.

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

Things to bear in mind while adding interests on LinkedIn

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

We are not robots!🤖 CEOs, managers, employers, lead generators, and any other members are human on LinkedIn.

People love to do business with the ones with who they have at least some common interests.

It also matters to have interests that reflect your shared characteristics🧑‍🎄 with your target, whether they are your employer or your potential client, or even a co-worker.

Do you want to work as a web designer?🖥️ Do you have a leader under your skin and want to manage a section in a big company? 🏭

Pick the interests which show the things you want your targets to notify about your characteristics. 🤩

Have a target in your mind, it is so important to know what your target is! Do you want to help children around the world ⁉️

Add UNICEF or other entrepreneurs in this field to your interest. This way, they will notice you like to work in their organization or company or that you want to help them in any way possible.

Want to work as a UI designer? A reporter? Photographer? You need relevant interests in your interest section on LinkedIn.😉

Do not put things that might scare off your targets in your interests section! Do you like to work as a nature document maker at National Geography? Maybe you should leave out your passion for shooting rabbits during open seasons.

The benefits of adding interests on LinkedIn

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

Although LinkedIn is a professional place, it still is a social network🕸️ in which people like to communicate with others in it.

Do you remember your days in school🏫? I do, and they are crystal clear for me.

We all had a circle of friends with similar fashion and music tastes😎, most of the time the aces of the class had their special group, and it was the same for average students and for those who were not really good at maths or physics.

That is exactly how the Interests work on LinkedIn. You add some interests, and it attracts people with common interests to your direction, while employers or even potential partners might exist between them. Why not?

How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

👉 When you follow someone or some account on LinkedIn (for ex: Apple, Google, UN, etc.), the admin of the account notices you. They can review your profile, and they will figure out that you like to work in their company.

👉 The admin notices your profile and sees your skills and qualifications for the position you are interested in.

👉 You don’t need to search the topics you are interested in, the posts on those accounts you’ve followed just appear in your feed.

👉 Adding interests to your LinkedIn helps you get connected to people you have the same interest with.

👉 Doing so, also allows your connections to know what topics you like so they can share relevant content with you.

The steps of adding Interests on your LinkedIn

It’s fairly easy to add interests on LinkedIn. Let’s review the steps together. There are two ways to add interests to your account.

🥇 Method 1:

  •  Log into your LinkedIn
  • Type your interest in the search box on the left corner
  • You will see the results.
  • Select and follow the ones you are interested in.
How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

🥈 Method 2:

  • Log into your LinkedIn
  • Open your 1st connections’ profiles
  • Scroll down to see the interests section
  • You can see four categories: Influencers, companies, schools, groups
  • Click on “Show All” under each category to see everything they’ve followed
  • Choose the ones you are interested in and click on the “+ Follow” button under their names
How to Add Interests on LinkedIn?

After that, their post will appear in your feed, and you can find them in the section of interests in your account.

LinkedIn- a world of opportunity

LinkedIn is a social network that was established in 2003. Its main goal is to help professionals connect and to provide the most suitable job opportunities for job seekers all around the world.

With 830 million members, LinkedIn is a huge network that can provide vast chances to elevate creativity, learning, jobs, volunteering chances, etc.


LinkedIn is focused on jobs, so it’s a perfect opportunity for anyone who likes to get connected⛓️ to other people in the same field of work, users who want to know about the big companies 🏭and SMEs news and know if they are hiring, and to announce them that they are available to get hired.


We reviewed how to add interests to LinkedIn, and we talked🗣️ about the benefits and things you need to know while adding them to your account.

The interests can be a great help in introducing your characteristics and letting other members know about your preferences and fields you are interested in.

Now that you know how to add interests to your LinkedIn and why it is so important to do, you can start adding beneficial interests to improve your account and connections.

Choose the right interests to have the best chance in the online marketing world, get the most suitable hiring opportunities, etc. try it today and get the result in a very short time. Good Luck!

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