Are you a lecturer? Just had a perfect presentation? Want to know how to add presentations to LinkedIn? Well, unfortunately, LinkedIn did not dedicate a section to the presentation. I know this is so odd since the platform even has the section to put causes and patents. And we even have a test score section! The reason for the lack of this section is still unidentified.

How to Add Presentations to LinkedIn?

Although, there are still some ways to add your presentations to LinkedIn. We will talk about them in a while. But isn’t it wired?

I mean, lectures, presentations, and online learning has become a part of our lives and cannot be omitted.

And we all know it is so hard and stressful to have a successful presentation, especially for a population of total strangers.

So having a successful presentation can be an achievement, and achievements are worthy enough to get added to LinkedIn.

This platform is spending a lot of money to encourage more and more people to join it. One of the main goals you follow on LinkedIn is self-branding; that is precisely what you do if you know how to add presentations to LinkedIn.

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Think about it, you are active in some industries and some recruiters are looking for a presenter to hold some seminars. You’ve already added some presentations to your profile and BAM! They will message you. You are self-branding, right?

Although LinkedIn is constantly progressing, maybe we will witness a presentation section soon enough. But till then, let me offer you some ways to add your presentation to LinkedIn.

To add presentations to LinkedIn, first, you need to have them in a compatible format such as PDF, PowerPoint or SlideShare. Then, log in to your LinkedIn account, go to your profile page, and click on the "Add profile section" button. From there, select "Featured" and then choose "Media" from the drop-down menu. Click on the "Upload" button and select the presentation file you want to upload. You can add a title, description, and even reorder the presentations as needed. Once you have added the presentations, they will appear as a clickable link on your profile.

How to add presentations to LinkedIn?

How to Add Presentations to LinkedIn?

So, there are no sections dedicated to presentations on LinkedIn. Does it mean that we should give up mentioning the achievement?

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Not at all. You can always bend the rules; do you give up your journey just for a dead-end road? No way, you just find another path and continue your journey. LinkedIn is just Like that. No presentation sections? We add it to other sections; problem solved.

  • Are you a professional speaker? Just enter your account and open your profile. In the experiences section, click on “+” and enter “professional speaker/presenter of the X field,” and for a start date, pick any dates you like. You can list your presentation’s title, dates, and location in the job description. It is one of the best ways since whenever someone asks if you have a list of your presentations, you can refer them to this job entry. It is the best way, especially if you have been a professional speaker for a long time.
  • Some members even change their profile the main title to promote that they are professional speakers and to attract recruiters and clients who are looking for a keynote speaker in a particular field. To do this, open your profile and click on the pencil icon under the cover photo. Now edit the title in the pop-out window.
  • Some have suggested adding your presentations to the project section. It is a perfect idea, especially for the users who are not professional speakers and just were guest presenters in one or two seminars. You are not claiming professionalism, and at the same time, you are saying that you have good knowledge in some fields and that you also have good speaking abilities.
  • You can also talk about it in summary. Who is there to stop you? Just tell me if you had presentations, for example, in X University or the Y seminar on subject Z or make a list.
  • Last but not least, as we mentioned, having a successful presentation is quite an achievement, so you can put it in the Honors & Awards section.
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These are the best ways that are known to answer the question: how to add presentations to LinkedIn? So until LinkedIn finally dedicates a section to presentations, just add your presentation experiences to your profile, using them.

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