Did you change the industry you work in? Cannot use the skills and experiences you’ve developed while working in the previous field? Really want to keep these skills sharp and use them for some greater good?

Want to know how to add Pro Bono consulting on LinkedIn? You need to add it to different sections since this platform has no option for Pro Bono.

How to add pro bono consulting on LinkedIn?

Pro bono consulting, AKA skills-based volunteering, is your answer. Working with non-profit institutions and organizations like NGOs and charities can help you to keep your skills sharp and also do some good things for the public.

Pro Bono consulting is a professional service that you do for free or at a very low cost and for the public good or you still charge people to offer it, but the money goes for public welfare.

Things like consultation phone calls or any other professional services considering the skills you have.

We told you that pro bono is also known as skills-based volunteering. But do not mistake volunteering with Pro Bono.

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Since Pro bono usually contains professional services that are primarily tax deductible, things like law or financial consultation or even health services. When you are a Pro Bono consultant, you won’t sell cookies, and you won’t feed the homeless people.

Some Pro Bono consultants provide free services but may still ask for payment to cover the traveling expenses. So if you give your neighbor a free financial consult, that doesn’t mean you are Pro Bono consulting.

How to add pro bono consulting on LinkedIn?

How to add pro bono consulting on LinkedIn?

You may not be able to find the suggested ways on this page in any other articles since, right now, there are no official ways how to add pro bono consulting on LinkedIn.

There used to be a very simple way to add it to your profile but they changed it in the last update.

You just had to open your LinkedIn mobile app and the profile edit part, activate the Pro Bono consulting option by clicking on a blue circle with a “+” in it. We don’t have that option anymore, so what to do now?

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  • You can add it to your “About” section. Just open your profile and click on the pencil icon in the about section and add “Pro Bono Consulting” to it and click save.
  • You add it to the title you chose for yourself. Again, Open your profile and click on the pencil icon under the background Photo, and add “Pro Bono consulting ” to your title.
  • Add it to your experiences section. There is no rule where to put it, and you are offering some professional services so why not?
  • The last way that we could think of was to add an entry to “add volunteer experience”. Now it might not be the best choice since Pro Bono and volunteering are different, but it still is a way to add this. If you added some volunteer experience to your profile before, just open your profile and scroll down to reach the volunteer section. Click on the “+” and add the information you like to it. If you don’t have this section, click on add profile section under your profile intro card and click on “Add volunteer experience” and fill the related boxes.
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To sum up…

Pro Bono consulting is to offer your professional services and knowledge to non-profitable institutions for free or at a much lower cost, to both use your skills to do some goods for the public and also keep those professional skills you have and are not in proper use sharp.

But it is not volunteer jobs since you are doing them for the public, but these services are so professional that may be considered tax applicable. Things like financial or accounting counseling.

Many people ask how to add pro bono consulting on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, there is no official way since the last update, but you can still add it to different parts of your profile.

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