Modern times and modern conditions. The job-seeking conditions have changed a lot in recent decades. Now there are many people with higher education in the labor market, and people with master’s degrees and doctorate degrees are not that hard to find.

It’s still not that many people continue their studies to the level of master’s and even less go for a doctorate. So it is correct to consider having a thesis an achievement, right?

So how to add a thesis to LinkedIn? You can add it to the education or publication section of your profile.

A thesis is a research paper or research project report demonstrating your abilities and knowledge.

When you add it to your profile. It will help the recruiters to assess your skills and ability, especially when you don’t have that much experience.

You are showcasing your expertise on a specific topic by adding your thesis to your LinkedIn profile and you know what can happen, right?

You use the correct keywords, and you will increase your chance of appearing in the recruiters’ search results in a lot more. Any publications, research, and projects advertise your capabilities.

How to Add Thesis to LinkedIn?

We live in an online world these days. Somehow, we do everything online; we call a cab, order food, pay the bills, work, take an online checkup, work out and even talk online with our loved ones.

So it’s just logical to hunt for a job online and the recruiters to search for decent and knowledgeable candidates online. Showing your achievements online is the key to success in this modern world.

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Do you feel like you are one of the great candidates but just graduated and don’t have enough experience?

Did you find a job vacancy related to your studies or your thesis directly related to it? You just need to know how to add a thesis to LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, no official sections are dedicated to the thesis that educated people might have written. But does it mean we should get disappointed and don’t add it? No, not at all!

We can add our thesis to some other sections. Education and the Publications section are two of the best options.

I mean, the thesis is so relevant to education and publication. It is essentially a research paper, right? And it is suggested to add your papers to your LinkedIn. You know, for the marketing and stuff.

So if you are determined to add your thesis to your profile, let me tell you

Education section

So did you earn your master’s or doctorate and want people to know what topic you’ve worked on for your thesis?

  1. Log into your account and open your profile.
  2. Scroll down to reach the education section; if you’ve added your last degree (master’s or doctorate), click on the pencil icon, and on the opened page,
  3. select the pencil icon again.
  4. Now, you can add the title of your thesis along with the date of starting and ending, the name or title of your supervisor, and a summary of what it is about.
  5. If you want people to read your thesis, you can also upload it to google drive and then copy its link and add it to the media section in the opened box.
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Publication section

  1. Log into your account and open your profile.
  2. Click on “add profile section” and select “additional” in the opened box.
  3. Click on “add publications in the dropdown menu.
  4. Now add the title of your thesis and fill the other parts as well. Don’t forget to provide a link and use good hashtags and keywords in the description.

Why and when should we add a thesis to our LinkedIn profile?

Adding your thesis to the LinkedIn profile is somehow self-branding. In fact, you are providing recruiters and employers looking for knowledgeable and talented candidates with some great information about yourself and the skills you have, and even some professional recruiters can see some of your characteristics.

This will encourage them to contact you and offer you some really great jobs.

Besides, you are increasing the chance of appearing in the users’ search results by using the correct keywords and a complete profile.

There are some scenarios where adding the thesis to your profile becomes a “Must do”.

  1. It is suggested by many LinkedIn experts to add your thesis to your LinkedIn profile if you just got grouted and never had that much time to build a strong job resume. Add the thesis to your profile instead to show the recruiters the skillful, talented, and knowledgeable person you are.
  2. Have you found a perfect vacancy on LinkedIn and want to apply for that? Is the position relevant to your thesis? It would be a perfect idea to include your thesis in your profile now. Are you applying as an economic researcher for the International Olympic Committee, and your thesis was about the economic effect of the Olympics 2020 on Japan’s economic stagnation? Mentioning this thesis will help the recruiters realize your knowledge about the economy and the Olympics.
  3. Do you want to continue your studies for a doctorate or post-doctorate? Not only should you include your thesis in your CV, but it is also suggested to mention it in your LinkedIn profile as well. Who knows when the university will decide to check the candidate’s LinkedIn?
  4. Even if the job you are applying for is unrelated to your thesis, it is still better to include your thesis in your profile. You are demonstrating your knowledge and skills by doing so.
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Have you acquired some skills in the process of writing your thesis? For example, I learned data analysis and learned to work with some software like endnote in this process; after I got graduated, I still had those skills with me, and I did mention them in my LinkedIn and firmly believe that these skills and the fact that I mentioned that thesis in my profile helped me a lot in getting some great offers on LinkedIn.


You need to know how to add a thesis to LinkedIn to show your studies achievement to everyone. Yes, it is an achievement to write a thesis, many people can’t even write and publish a simple article, and you wrote and defended a complete thesis! Be proud.

You are demonstrating your knowledge and research skills! So add the thing you worked so hard for to your profile, better sooner than later.

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