Changed your job and are excited to know how to announce new job on LinkedIn? Are you doubtful about sharing the news with your network or not? Are there any benefits in doing that? There are a lot of other questions you can ask about this simple but vital subject, and we will try to answer some of them. Hope you can find the answer right here, right now.

So, let’s see. You were a job seeker and just found the right position or you were just unsatisfied with your previous job and left it for a better position?

Anyways, congrats! This change can be the perfect milestone in your career path. Now that you’ve reached that throne, it’s time to announce the good news, right?

Where is the best place to do that? Of course, it is LinkedIn. But be careful; there are some principles for announcing a new job on LinkedIn. What? We will talk about that, but first, let me tell you how to announce a new job on LinkedIn.

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn?

To announce a new job on LinkedIn, you can simply update your profile with the new job information. You can add your new job title, company, and job description. You can also add a new profile photo and header image to reflect your new position. Additionally, you can share a post announcing your new job and thanking your colleagues and connections for their support. This can help to spread the news and generate congratulations and well wishes from your network.

How to announce new job on LinkedIn?

It will be best if you show your gratitude to people who helped you to grow more and more in the previous company.

It is suggested to thank the former employer for letting you work, learn and grow in their company, it shows that you’ve left there on good terms.

You can even tag some managers that you feel helped you a lot during the time you spent there.

You may want to talk more about that previous company and/or talk about the reasons you’ve decided to leave them. Be very careful; recruiters and employers hate backbiters.

So keep it positive as much as possible when you are talking about a former employer.

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If you liked nothing about that job and that company, just thank them for giving you the chance to work with them, and if it was a good place to work, talk about the things that made you grow, the things you enjoyed the most in that company and if some of the managers and colleagues had a significant impact in your learning path, thank them.

Write about your new responsibilities in simple words and explain this new role you have for your network. You can also talk about how you found this new job, especially if you found it on LinkedIn, to help people get familiar with the process besides if someone helped you in the process of job seeking, tag and thank them.

This shows your gratitude toward other people’s help.

Tell people why you are so excited to join the new company. Try to choose the most exciting details. It may not seem very important to you but announcing a new job is one of the most important things you can do as a LinkedIn user.

Spend some time thinking about why you are excited about that new position and why you are leaving the job you already have?

How will the new environment help you grow? Now let the results guide you in writing a perfect post about the new job.

Don’t hurry to announce the new job but don’t also be late to do that. One of the worst mistakes is to announce a new job when it is not entirely confirmed.

Not only may it affect the employer’s impression of you, but it also may result in revoking the offer, on the one hand, and cost you your current position.

So do not announce anything before the position is confirmed and you announce to your manager and HR that you are leaving.

Announce after you left the previous job and before starting your work in the new company.

If there is no pause between leaving and starting the new job, announce it in the first two weeks.

As mentioned, announcing a new job is an essential thing to do on LinkedIn. Besides, companies really hope to get advertised on this platform, especially by their new employees.

So consider talking good about the new company in the process of announcing the new job. It doesn’t need to be extended.

People usually don’t read long posts, or if they are very patient, they might just scan them. You can post pictures of the new company from anything related to the new job.

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Adding visuals to the building, headshots, workplace, etc., is one of the best branding methods on LinkedIn. And the most important part is to thank your company for allowing you to work with them.

There is nothing wrong with showing some respect and gratitude to your new employers.

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn?

You can always use LinkedIn to automatically announce a new job.

When you list a new job title in the experiences section of your profile, the platform will ask if you’d like to create a job announcement on your news feed; you just need to agree and choose a picture. The platform will do the rest.

The tips to bear in mind

You need to keep some things in mind while announcing the new job on LinkedIn. First of all, you need to write short and precise.

Who reads an article with thousands of words about having a new job?

It is not really necessary to thank every single one in your old or new job; I’m sure some of the employees in your previous company didn’t even know you existed, since they used to work on a different floor or department and never faced you!

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn?

You are your new company’s representative, try to look professional and try some branding and marketing for the new company, but do not overdo it with your personal account.

Don’t forget to thank the previous and new employer with respect, and please include pictures in your post.

Posts with pictures are so much more attractive to other users than plain text posts.

Why should you announce your new job on LinkedIn?

You might have seen posts in which your connections are announcing that they’ve started a new job in company X, and there are a lot of people who react to these kinds of posts.

Why are these people announcing everything about their new job with details, and why do other people get so excited for them?

It’s not like every LinkedIn post gets so many impressions as a job announcement.

There are many reasons for sharing that you are landing a new job on LinkedIn. First of all, you are rewarding yourself for achieving something you worked so hard for, making the change you meant, and taking the result you wanted. Besides, it is normal behavior in human society to share the good news.

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It used to happen long before you decided to announce your new job and will also happen long after that. So show your achievement to the world!

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn?

On the other hand, LinkedIn is the number one professional platform these days.

Many people are trying to find a job using it, and thousands of recruiters are searching for the perfect candidates for vacancies.

So announcing your new job can keep those job seekers hopeful and catch some employers’ attention.

Not like I suggest you leave your job right after you started it, it’s just a fact that many recruiters prefer to offer jobs to people who are already employed in another company and who knows when they will offer you a better position?

Plus, you are updating your LinkedIn profile, which is so good for your professional network.

You can get noticed by your new employer, colleagues, and company, thank your former employer and show your gratitude for them and tell people how excited you are for the new position.

Let me assure you that the new company will appreciate seeing how passionate you are.

Not a new job, a promotion: how to announce that one?

You always need to update your experiences section if you want to be successful on LinkedIn, and promotions are a part of your career path.

So you really need to announce they like the new jobs. They are not really that different together as well! To announce that you got promoted on LinkedIn, you still need to thank your former managers and colleagues, highlight the things you’ve learned from them and show appreciation for the opportunity you had to learn and grow while working with them.

After you’ve announced your promotion, open your profile and add the new position in the experiences section.

When you add a new role under the same company name, LinkedIn will automatically group them together to indicate that you’ve got promoted to a higher level.


It is essential to know how to announce new job on LinkedIn. There are rules and principles, and considering them in making a post about your new job is much more critical than following the steps to announce the event.

You need to talk politely and positively about your former employer as you post an announcement on LinkedIn.

Now that you know them, you can make that post and tell everyone that you’ve landed a new job.

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