Online courses have become one of the main ways of education, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, when most countries suggested their people stay home, and we quarantined ourselves! Online courses were the best possibility for people who wanted to learn a skill, to do it from home, and so many people who could teach something, thought how to become a LinkedIn Learning instructor and share their knowledge.

The way was by uploading different lessons to the LinkedIn Learning website.

How to Become a LinkedIn Learning Instructor?

LinkedIn Learning is an online education service; the courses are categorized into three different parts: business, technology, and creative.

This service is also known as and offers free courses for different users. For example, there are free lessons for people who failed their skill quiz but to access every course; you need to subscribe to a premium account.

Being a LinkedIn Learning instructor means that you are a contractor who is to create and publish different courses. You’ll probably have a long-term connection with a content manager, strategist, and producer and probably will have to go back every now and then to update the courses since they might change every month Because most of these lessons are in the tech and software field.

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Oh, and remember that you cannot use the same content on any other platforms like YouTube if you are working as an instructor under the LinkedIn Learning name.

Why do people want to become a LinkedIn instructors? Because you’ll get paid to share your knowledge.

Once you sign a contract, LinkedIn will pay you half of the royal advance, and the other half is paid when uploading the courses, then once the advance payment is paid, you will start to receive some royal payments every month.

The payment will continue until LinkedIn keeps those lessons in its database, so there is no way to be sure how long they will pay you for your uploaded course.

The perfect part is that there is no pressure and tight schedule for uploading content they know that the instructors are regular people with real jobs, responsibilities, and families, so you create a content timeline that agrees with you.

To become a LinkedIn Learning instructor, you need to apply through the LinkedIn Learning Instructor Program. To do so, you must first create a LinkedIn profile and then fill out an application that includes your area of expertise and experience. LinkedIn will then review your application and contact you if you meet their qualifications. If accepted, you will be given access to LinkedIn's course creation platform, where you can create and publish your own courses on the platform.

How to become a LinkedIn learning instructor?

Three are some ways to become a LinkedIn Learning instructor. Have you already uploaded some lessons about one of the mentioned categories, for example, google analytics, on your YouTube channel?

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Well, you might get connected by a content manager and be offered to work as a LinkedIn Learning instructor.

Another instructor can also refer you, or you can fill out the application form. If you are part of some specific programs like LinkedIn influencer, managed power create, top voice, etc., or you can instruct in some specific language like Mandarin, check the related boxes in the form; they will definitely increase your chance to get accepted by LinkedIn.

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To tell the truth, it’s not that hard to be recruited as a LinkedIn Learning instructor. I mean, it’s like they are always looking for new instructors. Becoming a LinkedIn instructor is much easier than on websites like Coursera.

So if you want to pass your knowledge and don’t mind getting paid to do so, LinkedIn learning can be the best way. You just need to know how to become a LinkedIn learning instructor.

Just remember that they will probably ask you to create a sample video to evaluate your teaching skills and content production ability to see if you are a fit or not.

So if you think your video editing can improve, try to improve it before applying for the instruction job.


Being an online instructor can be a perfect chance to enrich your portfolio, and this portfolio can become a key to your successful job hunting.

How to become a LinkedIn Learning instructor? There are several ways in which we talked about them.

Although there is no income guarantee, you can count on some good monthly paychecks from LinkedIn if your content is good enough.

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