LinkedIn is an all-in-one platform. You can find new social friends in it, chat, read about people’s daily experiences and challenges at work, review their resumes, expand a professional network for different goals, get hired, etc. how to celebrate a post on LinkedIn? What? You can even do that? Yes, but this can be interpreted in two ways, right?

How to Celebrate a Post on LinkedIn?

The first idea that comes to some people’s minds after seeing this title is how they should celebrate an event, and members may also think of reacting to a post. Well, we will review both of them in this blog. Which one to talk about first…let’s see, let’s go for that happy occasion then the reaction, ok?

To celebrate a post on LinkedIn, click on the "Celebrate" button located under the post. This will show a pop-up with a few options such as "Like," "Celebrate," "Love," and "Insightful." Choose the option that best suits your reaction and LinkedIn will notify the post creator of your celebration. You can also add a comment to the post to further engage with the content.

How to celebrate a post on LinkedIn?

How to celebrate an occasion on LinkedIn? It is like an eternal rule, people love to celebrate different accomplishments.

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Whether they landed a new job, launched a project, have a new member on their team, etc., it is an ongoing party that somehow never stops on LinkedIn. Doesn’t matter when I open this application on my phone; someone has always posted something to celebrate an occasion; humankind loves celebrations. But how do they do it?

All you need is to start a post as you always do. Then choose the icon that says “celebrate an occasion” from the bottom bar of the posting pop-up window.

You will see another box with five defined occasions:

Welcome to the Team:

Celebrate a new colleague joining your team

Give Kudos:

Show appreciation to your colleague

Project Launch:

Share a new project milestone

Work Anniversary:

Celebrate a career milestone

New Position:

Share a job update

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How to Celebrate a Post on LinkedIn?

Each category has different sections, which you are asked to complete to provide users who are reading the post with some decent and attractive details.

For instance when you choose “Give Kudos”, you need to choose the colleague you want to appreciate, then select the kudos award from the prepared list. There are cards like ‘Thank You , ‘Team Player’, ‘Great job’ etc. select one, and then you can add some sentences to the caption, keywords, and hashtags to the post if you want.

Now, let’s talk about how to celebrate a post on LinkedIn, shall we?

We are living in a world surrounded by different news, a world where you need to have a vast network to survive.

Connections are our new lifeboat in this era, and I mean real-life boats! A lot of people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, but a lot could find other jobs in a very short time, thanks to their connections in the real world and/or in social networks.

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Reactions are proof that you are not a stone or a piece of wood, they are the key elements that can start a relationship that will get stronger over time.

Users could only like the posts on LinkedIn, just like on Instagram, but things changed in 2019. A set of reactions, including “celebrate,” was added to the platform, and now you can celebrate people’s accomplishments.

Now come to think of it, one most appropriate place to use this reaction is under the occasion celebrating posts. Just hold the cursor on the like button to see the reaction bar, then select the icon to show that you are celebrating their accomplishment.

The last word

We are living in a world where both announcing an occasion and reacting to it is very important to do. So you need to know how to celebrate a post on LinkedIn and how to post a celebration. Have you or a friend accomplished something? Share it with your other connections or congratulate them on their milestone.

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