LinkedIn has a lot of payment methods that you can use to subscribe or pay your annual subscription fee for your LinkedIn premium account. Why would you ever need a paid account? There are a whole lot of benefits in this one, especially for people who are going to use it for presenting their business, expertise, developing their skills, etc. in the meantime, it’s better to know how to change LinkedIn payment method, right? Who knows when you decide not to use that particular method anymore?

To change your payment method on LinkedIn, first go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the "Me" icon. Then, click on "Premium subscription settings" under the "Account" section. From there, click on "Change payment method" and select your new payment method, entering the required details. Finally, click "Save" to confirm the changes.

How to change the LinkedIn payment method?

How to Change LinkedIn Payment Method?

First of all, you need at least two payment methods to change between them. To add a method:

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  1. Open your account
  2. Click on ‘Me’
  3. Select ‘Access my premium’
  4. Click on ‘Manage subscription’
  5. Select ‘manage payment methods’
  6. Click on the ‘Add payment method’
  7. Enter the required information into the pop-up window
  8. Hit the save button.

Now that you have more than one method, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Change’ in front of any methods you are using right now and then change it to the desired method.

Billing cycle and payment methods on LinkedIn

There are two payment cycles for the LinkedIn premium subscription. You can choose between an annual and monthly subscription.

You can see the due date on the ‘manage account’ page, and you need to know that you can save over 20% if you choose the annual plan instead of the monthly subscription.

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There are multiple payment methods for LinkedIn premium, but first as LinkedIn claims: “the mentioned methods do not apply to payments for corporate contracts purchased through our sales team or for ads payments.

Learn more about the payment methods available for corporate contracts and for Ads.” Available methods include credit, debit, and prepaid cards issued by the following networks:

NetworkCurrencyFeatures AccessRegion
American ExpressUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery country
DiscoverUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery country
MasterCardUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery country
VisaUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery country
JCBUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery countryDiner ClubUSD onlyAllEvery countrySEPA direct debitEURThe payment option is unavailable for Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, and Learning subscriptions, job postings, ads, or InMail creditsThis is only available to certain countries using the EUR currencyiDEALEUR, USD, etc.This payment option is unavailable for Learning subscriptions, job postings, ads, or InMail creditsThis is only available to members residing in the Netherlands
SofortEURThe payment option is unavailable for Learning subscriptions, job postings, ads, or InMail creditsThis is only available for members residing in Germany using the EURO currency
            PayPalUSD, EUR, etc.AllEvery country

LinkedIn premium benefits

LinkedIn is a platform designed for business; even the free version provides the users with so many features to explore new opportunities as employers, marketing specialists, job seekers, etc., but still, there are many limitations in this kind of account that do not exist in the premium version.

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You can access unlimited browsing ‘up to the third degree. It allows you to have an open setting for your profile so that everyone on LinkedIn can review it.

This will increase your chances of being offered a perfect job opportunity.

You will be able to see the people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, the standard users can only see the last 5 people who viewed their profile. Besides, you have access to LinkedIn Learning which is an excellent opportunity for expanding your knowledge and skills.

You also have access to analytics and stats of your profile and/or company page. You will have 15 InMails per month.

So, you have a premium account and just want to know how to change your LinkedIn payment method? We just talked about it. Just change the method, pay the subscription fee, and then enjoy the features of your premium account.

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