How to change your LinkedIn to a business account? You cannot convert a personal account to a business account on LinkedIn, but you can still create a company page. Let me tell🗣️ you how to do it and its benefits.

How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account?
How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account? 4

How to change your LinkedIn to a business account?

ok👌, this title📝 is looking👀 like❤️ a joke, the real one is “how to create a business💸 account?” there are some things you need to have for creating a business💸 account:

A personal LinkedIn account that is at least 7 days old, the profile👨‍💼 strength must be at the “intermediate” or “All-starlevel, you need to have some LinkedIn connection⛓️, a company🏭 website or email📧 (not generic email📧 like❤️ is required as well, it is also suggested to list working in the company🏭 in your experiences section. Now, let’s create that company🏭 page, shall we?

  1. Log in to your personal account
  2. Click🖱️ on the ‘work’ icon in the top right corner of your feed page
  3. Click🖱️ on the ‘Create a Company🏭 Page +’ button
  4. Select the type of business💸 page (small, medium, or large business💸, showcase page, or educational page)
  5. Enter the company🏭 information in the related boxes
  6. Click🖱️ on the Create page button

Now you have your business💸 account, but to stand out, you will need some other things. You will need a cover photo🖼️; this photo🖼️ can be of your product, of your team members, or even of your logo. The important🖋️ thing is that it must represent your brand, and the size must be 1584 × 396 px. You can always use⚒️ tools🧰 like❤️ Canva to create a perfect👌 cover photo🖼️.

How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account?

Next, you’ll need a compelling summary. Write about your services⚙️ and products, talk🗣️ about what your company🏭 does, or try to convince talented users to work in your company🏭.

A summary can talk🗣️ about many things in the limitation of 2000 characters. So choose wisely to make your page stand out, and don’t forget to use⚒️ relevant keywords. You can also choose to add a location; it is said that a location might help🦮 you get the appropriate job seekers attracted easier.

A LinkedIn business page and its benefits

A personal account is a place for sharing📤 a resume, self-branding, job seeking, etc., but when it comes to promoting a product, service⚙️, etc., you will need a business💸 page. There are many benefits to creating a company🏭 page, and we mentioned some of them below:

Connecting to the target🎯 audience:

Marketing📈 experts💡 can use⚒️ LinkedIn posts to contact🤝 their target🎯 audiences much easier by a business💸 account than a personal one and stats demonstrate that it is much more effective as well.


A LinkedIn business💸 account is much easier to find🔍 by clients than a personal one, so it can affect your marketing📈 success if you have a LinkedIn company🏭 page.

The content📜

It is always a better idea💡 to share📤 a post about your product, service⚙️, etc. on a company🏭 page than on a personal account.


All right, the employment process is hard for both employer and job seeker. But a company🏭 page can help🦮 you a lot to find🔍 talented people🧑‍🤝‍🧑, review their resumes, contact🤝 them, etc., and the candidates can review your page to find🔍 out what your company🏭 does.

Introduce and promote

A company🏭 page is the most appropriate place to promote your products and services on LinkedIn.

So, did you know how to change your LinkedIn account to a business💸 account? You need to create a company🏭 page besides your personal account. So if you have a company🏭 and want it to stand out on LinkedIn, create that business💸 account now. It’s better to establish one of them sooner⏱️ than later⏱️.

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