How to change your LinkedIn to a business account? You cannot convert a personal account to a business account on LinkedIn, but you can still create a company page. Let me tell you how to do it and its benefits.

How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account?
How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account? 7

How to change your LinkedIn to a business account?

ok, this title is looking like a joke, the real one is “how to create a business account?” there are some things you need to have for creating a business account:

A personal LinkedIn account that is at least 7 days old, the profile strength must be at the “intermediate” or “All-starlevel, you need to have some LinkedIn connection, a company website or email (not generic email like is required as well, it is also suggested to list working in the company in your experiences section. Now, let’s create that company page, shall we?

  1. Log in to your personal account
  2. Click on the ‘work’ icon in the top right corner of your feed page
  3. Click on the ‘Create a Company Page +’ button
  4. Select the type of business page (small, medium, or large business, showcase page, or educational page)
  5. Enter the company information in the related boxes
  6. Click on the Create page button
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Now you have your business account, but to stand out, you will need some other things. You will need a cover photo; this photo can be of your product, of your team members, or even of your logo. The important thing is that it must represent your brand, and the size must be 1584 × 396 px. You can always use tools like Canva to create a perfect cover photo.

How to Change Your LinkedIn to a Business Account?

Next, you’ll need a compelling summary. Write about your services and products, talk about what your company does, or try to convince talented users to work in your company.

A summary can talk about many things in the limitation of 2000 characters. So choose wisely to make your page stand out, and don’t forget to use relevant keywords. You can also choose to add a location; it is said that a location might help you get the appropriate job seekers attracted easier.

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A LinkedIn business page and its benefits

A personal account is a place for sharing a resume, self-branding, job seeking, etc., but when it comes to promoting a product, service, etc., you will need a business page. There are many benefits to creating a company page, and we mentioned some of them below:

Connecting to the target audience:

Marketing experts can use LinkedIn posts to contact their target audiences much easier by a business account than a personal one and stats demonstrate that it is much more effective as well.


A LinkedIn business account is much easier to find by clients than a personal one, so it can affect your marketing success if you have a LinkedIn company page.

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The content

It is always a better idea to share a post about your product, service, etc. on a company page than on a personal account.


All right, the employment process is hard for both employer and job seeker. But a company page can help you a lot to find talented people, review their resumes, contact them, etc., and the candidates can review your page to find out what your company does.

Introduce and promote

A company page is the most appropriate place to promote your products and services on LinkedIn.

So, did you know how to change your LinkedIn account to a business account? You need to create a company page besides your personal account. So if you have a company and want it to stand out on LinkedIn, create that business account now. It’s better to establish one of them sooner than later.

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