LinkedIn is an all-in-one social platform. You can promote your business on it, upload your resume, expand your connections, find a job and even hire the most suitable people for a vacancy in your company by posting a job in which you need to know how to change seniority level on the LinkedIn job posting?

How to Change Seniority Level on LinkedIn Job Posting?

Of course, you need to know that job postings are not free; it will cost an amount of money and even more if you want to advertise it to get more exposure. You also probably need to have a company page on Linkedin.

Let’s first talk about how to post a job.

Job posting on LinkedIn

How to Change Seniority Level on LinkedIn Job Posting?

It is said that you need to learn how to walk before you start to run. So let us talk about how to post a job before saying how to change seniority level on the LinkedIn job posting.

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  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Click on ‘Post a job at the top right corner of your homepage
  3. You will get redirected to another page where you can enter some information
  4. Define the job title
  5. Enter the name of the company you are hiring for
  6. The contract type
  7. Workplace and location, and then click on
  8. The next page will be where you need to put some descriptions. Things like Job function, company industry, seniority level, job description, requirements, company select skills required for the job, how to apply for the position
  9. Click on continue
  10. Choose the answers to the questions the platform prepared
  11. The next page is where you define if you need an advertisement or not; if not, click on the continue button, and if you are willing to pay more for getting your post advertised, click on ‘Yes, I’d Like to Sponsor My Job’ and then select continue.
  12. Now you need to decide how to pay for the job posting; you need to click on your desired number of postings you need and then select the payment method and buy them. You need to confirm the order and submit it. Your job advert is posted now.
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Now, how to change the seniority level on the job posting?

  • Click on the jobs tab
  • Move the cursor on the job you want to edit the seniority level and click on ‘… More’ icon from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Add compensation information and make the edits you want
  • Click ‘save job’ at the bottom of the page

The levels of seniority on LinkedIn

How to Change Seniority Level on LinkedIn Job Posting?

The level of seniority is usually defined by the years you’ve worked for a company or the skills and experience you have in an industry. This criterion is essential since LinkedIn AI categorizes people based on this feature to suggest them to different recruiters. The levels are:

  1. Internship (unpaid or underpaid)
  2. Entry Level (lowest paid of the type, minimum requirements)
  3. Associate (lowest paid of the type, minimum requirements in most of the industries)
  4. Mid-Senior or the second level or a senior entry-level or senior associate (more experience, mid requirements, mid-wage)
  5. Director (management-level roles, high-paid, advanced skills)
  6. Executive (management-level roles, high-paid, advanced skills)
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We just talked about changing the seniority level on a LinkedIn job posting and posting a job in the first place. This is very important feature you can use to attract users with some required talents into a job vacancy you have in your company.

You just need to buy some job postings and post a job. It will remain valid for 30 days, you can edit its information, including seniority, and you will have five free InMails to contact the most suitable candidates. If you are interested in more than five users, you should buy some InMails.

So if you actually have an available position and are looking for some decent candidates, be careful about your desired seniority level.

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