Videos📹 were always so attractive, and in recent years they literally took the place of long texts📝, books📙, and even physical classes. There is no shame in it; humans are evolving, we live in an era of speed, and many of us prefer watching videos📹 to learn or understand something instead of reading tons of books📙 or long texts📝.

Humans learn much better by watching instead of reading. Just if they knew it back when we were at school🏫. But in a world🗺️ where its residents are daily bombarded by different videos📹, how are we to encourage people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 with our visual content📜? How to change the thumbnail on LinkedIn video📹? Why videos📹 are important🖋️ on LinkedIn, how to create a custom thumbnail, etc.

How to Change Thumbnail on LinkedIn Video?

Video📹 content📜 is getting more popular by the day. We have some huge video-based social platforms now, like❤️ YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. even a lot of online learning platforms are based on videos📹 now.

In a world🗺️ where the shared📤 video📹 footages in 30 days are more than 30 years of TV broadcasting of a channel like❤️ NHK international, going viral is very hard if not impossible.

So does it mean we are better to go back to text-based marketing📈? Absolutely not. There is still a very high demand for video📹 content📜, which means you need engaging content📜 and exciting thumbnails.

Who cares if that video📹 never gets viral, if your target🎯 population clicks and watches the video📹? LinkedIn is a B2B platform in which you can connect⛓️ to professionals, do some very good👌 brandings, etc., and post videos📹 with good👌 thumbnails is a perfect👌 way for self-branding.

Let me tell🗣️ you that there are thousands of ways you can use⚒️ a video📹 on LinkedIn; let’s have a look👀 at three more popular options out there.

Telling a story: you can always tell🗣️ your stories (especially of how you got to the position you are in now) on platforms like❤️ LinkedIn. People🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are always curious about these things, and what is better than good👌 and attractive videos📹 to narrate these stories? Let me assure you that even the most eager person will spend some of his/her time⏱️ taking a look👀 at your video📹. And you know that video📹 contents📜 are considered higher in LinkedIn algorithms, right? That’s the reason that LinkedIn experts💡 believe videos📹 have better chances of getting viewed in your connections⛓️ feeds.

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Promote your products: let’s be honest, there is no use⚒️ in spending time⏱️ and energy🔋 on content📜 that has no high ROI on LinkedIn. This social media📹 is just like❤️ a large market, so why not use⚒️ videos📹 that are presenting your products, providing users with the user instructions, and/or talking🗣️ about upcoming launches and updates? Believe me when I say you can get the viewers very excited with these videos📹.

Blogging: we said that videos📹 are an excellent way to brand on LinkedIn, but is it only about company🏭 branding? No, you can always try self-branding with videos📹 as well. The influencers usually use⚒️ blogging. They share📤 some of the best😎 parts of their lives to make their connections⛓️ believe that they can be a perfect👌 port to solve some problems they might have. And those blogging videos📹 have a much better chance to get viral than other types of content📜.

How to change the thumbnail on LinkedIn video📹?

How to Change Thumbnail on LinkedIn Video?

Once the video📹 is posted, you cannot change its thumbnail. Maybe you should spend some more time⏱️ on the video📹 you are going to post since you know what a lousy thumbnail can do to good👌 media📹 content📜, right? Don’t you? First 🥇, let me tell🗣️ you what a thumbnail is.

A thumbnail is the cover image🖼️ of a video📹. It is usually the element that encourages people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to spend their time⏱️ watching your videos📹.

They are just like❤️ a book📙 cover, the poster of a movie, and a magazine’s front page. They always say things like❤️ don’t judge a book📙 by its cover (in the literal sense), right? Well, let’s face the truth, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 do that.

I confess that I am one of those people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 who choose to click🖱️ on a video📹 based on how attractive its thumbnail is. Maybe because I learned that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 who do not even choose a good👌 thumbnail for their video📹, or do not spend time⏱️ to design🎨 an attractive poster for the movie they made, probably did not produce a good👌 video📹 or movie as well. Maybe I’m wrong, but accept this bitter truth and start🏁 working on your thumbnails.

So, let’s talk🗣️ about changing the thumbnail on the LinkedIn video📹, shall we? So you decided🤔 to post a video📹.

Now log into your LinkedIn account, click🖱️ on ‘video’ under the part it says ‘start a post.’ A window pops up to let you select the folder you like❤️ to share📤, select the video📹 and click🖱️ on ‘open.’ Once the video📹 is uploaded, you can see👀 that the LinkedIn platform chooses the first🥇 frame of your video📹 as the thumbnail.

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This frame is not usually the best😎 cover; I mean, which one do you prefer to click🖱️ on? A video📹 with a well-designed and exciting thumbnail or a file that shows a man who looks like❤️ he wants to strangle someone with his hand✋?

The obvious choice is the first🥇 one, and believe it or not, videos📹 with good👌 thumbnails stick around for more time⏱️. So you can either design🎨 a thumbnail using⚒️ some applications like❤️ Adobe Photoshop or use⚒️ some websites like❤️ Canva to create your thumbnail in prepared templates. Just remember that the format of the picture🖼️ is to be JPG/GIF/PNG.

Ok 👌, now that you have a thumbnail, scroll down in the opened box of the video📹 to see👀 the two options of ‘select thumbnail’ and ‘select caption.’ Click🖱️ on the thumbnail option, select the cover you’ve designed, and tab on ‘done.’

Then you need to write about the thing you’d like❤️ people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 to understand by watching this video📹 and then post it.

Video📹 marketing📈 and its benefits

How to Change Thumbnail on LinkedIn Video?

As mentioned, you might know the world🗺️ of marketing📈 tends to use visual content📜 such as videos📹 photos🖼️ and other things. Videos📹 always had a lot of fans, and they got even more popular when everyone started🏁 using⚒️ social networks. Hence video-based digital marketing📈 is now very famous.

It’s probably for the feedback that marketing📈 experts💡 took from this type of content📜. Right now, more than 80% of the B2B marketers are using⚒️ videos📹 and a great majority of them are increasing the video📹 marketing📈 budget of their companies🏭 every day.

There are many benefits to video📹 marketing📈 and we are going to talk🗣️ about some of them here.

  • Get information to the prospects. Videos📹 can be a perfect👌 way to educate your clients about your services⚙️ and products.
  • Reach your target🎯 audience. LinkedIn video📹 marketing📈 lets you find🔍 your target🎯 population much easier, convert the leads to prospects and maximize your return on investment (ROI)
  • Communicate your message💬 in a professional way. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform, which makes branding easier since the users usually have a professional mindset when using⚒️ this platform.
  • Higher engagement. Audiences who watch videos📹 on a LinkedIn company🏭 page are usually five times more likely to engage in a conversation in comparison with other types of marketing📈 content📜.
  • The income. According to statistics, the companies🏭 that use⚒️ video📹 marketing📈 on LinkedIn is 49% faster in growing their revenue.
  • The audiences. LinkedIn videos📹 are a huge deal in creating impressions. It is said that the impressions they generated in one year (2017-2018) reached more than 300 million impressions. It means that it is a perfect👌 way to reach a large audience.
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The golden tips

You should know that audiences won’t spend their time⏱️ watching the video📹 you’ve uploaded if they feel you did not take your time⏱️ to make them exciting or impressive, and why should they? So always consider the four golden tips while you are making some videos📹 for LinkedIn.

1. Consider mobile📱 viewing

People🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are using⚒️ their phones📱 even when they are in the bathroom these days, so it’s totally logical to also consider optimizing the videos📹 for mobile📱 broadcasting since the stats show that more than 57% of the users work with a LinkedIn mobile📱 app these days.

2. Keep it short

Just like❤️ the long texts📝, users do not usually keep watching long videos📹 as well. That might seem odd since people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 watch a lot of long videos📹 on YouTube; why not LinkedIn? As we mentioned above, people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 are usually on their professional minds on LinkedIn, which means they would not dedicate their time⏱️ to a long video📹 if they feel it’s that informative. Just keep the videos📹 as short as possible.

3. The golden backlinks

The “build it, and they will come” strategy is not working as perfectly as it used to. Maybe that is because we are surrounded by tons of visual content📜 every day. So you have to promote your videos📹 on other platforms and your website as well; how to do it? Make backlinks.

4. Be professionals

The third time’s the charm; it is the third time⏱️ that we are saying that people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 have a professional view on LinkedIn. So it’s only natural if they do not even consider watching a low-quality video📹. This content📜 is presenting your brand; it’s like❤️ the ambassador of a country🗺️. A dirty and worn-out cloth on your ambassador’s body is low quality. Be professional and spend some time⏱️ on the content📜.


Thumbnails are the cover of your video📹 content📜. It can work for or against you, so it is essential 🖋️ to know how to change thumbnails on LinkedIn videos 📹. Pick🧲 a perfect👌 and preferably designed thumbnail for your videos📹 on LinkedIn. Believe it or not, a lot of people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 judge books📙 by their cover.