LinkedIn premium, business account, LinkedIn recruiters, etc. are some perfect accounts that can give a lot of tools to get more successful in this job-oriented platform, but what if you decide to cancel them? How to contact LinkedIn for a refund? Are these paid accounts really refundable?

Now, as LinkedIn states: “LinkedIn premium subscriptions like premium essentials, business, LinkedIn learning, recruiters, sales navigators, and LinkedIn learning teams are not refundable. When you cancel your subscription, all the related features like InMail and Access to LinkedIn learning will expire at the end of the paying cycle.”

How to Contact LinkedIn for Refund?

Imagine that you’ve tested the premium account during the free trial and didn’t like it. Unfortunately, LinkedIn already has access to charge you an annual subscription fee.

What complicates the situation, even more, is that there is no warning when the free trial one month ends! You might decide not to use the service but you will still get charged. That’s why it is necessary to know how to request a refund from LinkedIn.

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As we mentioned above, LinkedIn likes to use the term “non-refundable” very strongly. Many of the users think “Ok, so there is no way that I can take back my money, then let’s keep using the account.” But there are some exceptions here. LinkedIn will refund you back in some situations.

Like if you didn’t want to subscribe after the free trial ended or if you want an unsubscribing from a premium account after using it for a short time.

All you need to do is to submit your account for them to review it and see if you are in the category of exceptions from the strict non-refundable rule. You can make the request on their website or message them on Twitter.

Many people make the grave mistake of emailing them but don’t do it. Maybe they answered your emails on other topics, but this one is a no-no!

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How can I connect to LinkedIn for a refund on their website and Twitter?

Follow the steps below to send that request on the LinkedIn website.

Log in to your LinkedIn account; you have to cancel your subscription. To do that:

  1. You should click on ‘Me’,
  2. select ‘Access My Premium’,
  3. then click on the ‘Manage Premium account’ button.
  4. You will then get redirected to your setting page;
  5. you can select ‘Cancel subscription’ under ‘Manage subscription’.

You should do this to make the account review page work.

  1. Click on ‘Me’ again and select ‘Help’,
  2. search ‘LinkedIn Consumer Refund Policy’ in the search box of the pop-up window that just appeared on your screen.
  3. You will see a message that says “Submit your account for review if you believe your situation warrants an exception.”
  4. Click on ‘request account review”.
  5. You will see another message that says, “Although we generally don’t offer refunds on any fees or charges related to Premium subscriptions, you can submit an account review request if you believe your situation warrants an exception.”
  6. Ignore it and click the blue button.
  7. You will see a pop-up message that talks about how you will get informed about the answer.
  8. Now get them the required information and send that request out.
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You can also contact LinkedIn for a refund on Twitter. Tell them that you’ve been wrongly charged or received an automatic annual bill. They will help you from there.

What about the iOS and Google refunding?

Have you subscribed from a Google Play Store or via an iOS app? You should submit a request on the page or contact .

LinkedIn might trick you into thinking that their subscriptions are not refundable, while all you need to get a payback is how to contact LinkedIn for a refund. The minute you understand how to request a refund from LinkedIn, the rest will be done faster than you imagine. So if you’ve been charged wrongfully, send that request right now!

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