For several years, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of human society. Our obsession with these little magic boxes has gone so far that many people don’t even have those lovely personal computers and laptops at home anymore, and they do everything, from writing and watching movies to shopping and managing their social media pages on their phones. So, it is not strange if some people ask how to create a LinkedIn business page on mobile?

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page on Mobile?

The business has undergone many changes in recent years, and LinkedIn is one of these changes, of course, from the changes of the good kind.

You can use this attractive business-focused platform to introduce your company, services, and products, find and attract experts much more accessible, find and inform your customers, etc. All you need is a LinkedIn company page.

If you haven’t opened one of this business accounts for your company yet, you are at a big loss. But it’s not too late, you can do this at any time, either through a computer or through a mobile phone.

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To open a business account on a computer, you just need to click on “Work” in your account page and create the company page, but the situation is a little different with mobile.

How to create a LinkedIn business page on mobile?

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page on Mobile?

It is odd that LinkedIn never thought of providing an official way to create a company page for mobile users on mobile. So yes, you cannot do it on the app (officially). But there is still a way to do this. The desktop mode, yes.

  1. Open a browser on your phone, I personally prefer Firefox over Chrome ☺
  2. Open LinkedIn on the browser
  3. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner
  4. Activate desktop site/mode
  5. Once you are in the LinkedIn desktop mode
  6. Click on the ‘work’ icon on the top right corner of your feed page.
  7. Click on the ‘Create a Company Page +’ button.
  8. Select the type of business page (small, medium, or large business, showcase page, or educational page.
  9. Enter the company information in the boxes.
  10. Click the Create page button.

Alright, now you have that page, start branding. But how?

Grow your company page

As we said before, the business world changed tremendously in recent years. Social media networks have proven to be an excellent channel for marketing and communication between different industries.

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This is an essential element for the marketing experts to be able to attract the target customers at the right moment. As we are talking about business and related content, no name is shinier than LinkedIn in social networks.

This platform is so concentrated on the business that makes a perfectly ideal tool for professional interaction, sharing insightful thoughts about a business and other related stuff. So now you know the importance of a company page, but it might be hard to find the best way to promote and grow your page. Let’s see what we can do about that.

1. Creative content

You need a schedule for making creative posts on your company page. These posts must be convincing and unique. You can also add videos to the company page.

Is there any special advertisement that the marketing team likes to use to attract lead generators? Add it to the page and don’t forget the CTA dialogues at the end of the posts.

It doesn’t have to be a thing that persuades the readers to buy something from you; you can try to encourage users to comment on the post; this will get the post more views, Impressions, etc., and who knows how long this chain continues?

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2. Over-advertising

As the experts believe, another growth strategy is to keep an eye on over-advertising. Yes, you have to sell eventually, but the experience says that the users hate seeing too many advertisements of a company.

It is strongly suggested to share more posts about your industry news and related content and less advertisement so that people spend time even reading your adverts and maybe comment on them.

3. Promote the company page in the emails

It may seem a little old, but cold email marketing is still a thing, so don’t forget to mention the LinkedIn URL of the business account in every email you send.

4. The employees

The most extensive assessment of your page is the employees of your company. So state empowering them. Ask them to add the company page to their profile.

They will become your loyal followers by doing that, and when they react or comment on one of the posts, all their connections get notified.

Alright, these were for strategies to grow your company page. Now that you know how to create a LinkedIn business page on mobile and you know some growing strategies, why not go on and create that page? By the way, do you know any other ways to grow?

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