Have you ever thought that people do not appreciate your articles enough or that they get lost in so many other articles that are published on LinkedIn every day? The newsletter can help you a lot in that matter. So how to create a newsletter in LinkedIn?

How to Create a Newsletter In LinkedIn?

The newsletter is like a magazine. It usually consists of some articles on one particular topic that gets published regularly. Why is it different from regular articles? Well, articles get added to your connections feed; who knows if they actually get informed of that or not, or even if they read it? But if someone chooses to add your newsletter to their LinkedIn, they will get notified that you published an article instantly, and they will probably click on it to see what you’ve shared.

You can link a lot of information to the newsletter, from regular text base articles to photos and videos. In fact, it is so perfect to have a LinkedIn newsletter for marketing purposes. We will talk about the benefits but First Come, First Served.

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How to create a newsletter on LinkedIn?

There are some things you need to have to use the newsletter. First is that you must have your creator mode on, and second is that you must have posted something in the last three months. To turn on the creator mode, you have to enter your profile, scroll down to see the references section, and then click on creator mode.

Select the newsletter from the options you see in the opened box, and activate it. To do this, you must have more than 150 followers, stand by LinkedIn Community Policy Guidelines, and, as we said, you must have recently shared a post.

Now, to create a newsletter,

  1. go to your home page,
  2. click on ‘write an article’,
  3. and click on the ‘create a newsletter’ button.
  4. Now add an interesting title to your newsletter, a description, a publishing period, a logo, and click on ‘Done’.
  5. You have your newsletter, and you are allowed to publish up to one article every 24 hours. You can read the LinkedIn Page for more information.
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Why the newsletter?

Is it really worth it? Yes! Especially if you want your articles to get seen by your target population. Newsletter expands your audiences, and you know that the more interaction people have with a post or an article, the more critical it becomes for LinkedIn algorithms. And there is a chain reaction involved here; the more people react to your post, the more people will be able to see that their connections reacted or commented on that, and more and more people get involved with your article.

How to Create a Newsletter In LinkedIn?

Another reason to have a newsletter is that usually, the people who sign up for your newsletter are the ones who are actually interested in the subject of the newsletter or they are somehow working in that field.

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So they mostly read your articles, react and comment on them, they might even share them; the thing is that you won’t get like some hundred views and less than ten interactions.

Besides, a newsletter can help your branding, of course, if you have the correct connections. Plus, trust matters a lot here; I mean, you are actually telling people that you’re a trustworthy authority in that field.

When you create specific and valuable content they will see you as a perfect source of information. Hence they will trust your services and products. The list goes on and on. So now that you know how to create a newsletter on LinkedIn, what exactly are you waiting for?

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