Profile👨‍💼 photos🖼️ are one of the most important🖋️ parts of your social presence. It can be a crucial element to your success or failure, and yes, you can interpret it as anything you like❤️, but your photo🖼️ is the first🥇 thing any user, including employers, prospects, leads, etc., sees, even before they get to your name.

Research shows that a good👌 and nicely cropped photo🖼️ can increase📈 your profile👨‍💼 view fourteen times more. But the topic is also about the photos🖼️ you post on the platform. I mean, an awkwardly cropped photo🖼️ can kill the whole purpose of the post and the viewers’ engagement with it. So how to crop the photo🖼️ for LinkedIn? What is the best😎 size? What are the things we need to keep in mind while uploading the profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️? What is the best😎 photo🖼️ size for photos🖼️ in posts? Read this article📝 to find🔍 the answers to these questions.

How to Crop Photo for LinkedIn?

How to crop the photo for LinkedIn?

We are going to talk🗣️ about adding photos🖼️ to LinkedIn for two different purposes. The profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️ and the photos🖼️ you post. How to crop photo🖼️ for LinkedIn to get the best😎 result from it?

first🥇, we will talk🗣️ about the photos🖼️ in the posts. As Buffer suggests, it is better to use⚒️ pictures🖼️ with more significant dimensions than what LinkedIn recommends to avoid seeing big pixels on the photo🖼️ when posted.

The perfect👌 size of a photo🖼️ (and the minimum size that you can upload a photo) , as LinkedIn recommends, is 552 × 368 pixels, you won’t need to crop it, but the picture🖼️ usually looks like❤️ a disaster and kills the vibe, so buffer suggests doubling the dimensions. so a photo’s perfect👌 size is 1104 × 736 pixels. It will be perfect👌 on the big screen even if you’ve got to crop it.

Just like❤️ in other social media📹 networks such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn can crop a photo🖼️ by itself. You really don’t need any extra software, for that matter.

Just open your account, and in the post section, click🖱️ on ‘Photo’ and select the image🖼️ you wish to create a post about. A pop-up will appear instantly after you click🖱️ on the photo🖼️, which allows you to edit the image🖼️.

Click🖱️ on edit to see👀 the image🖼️ and the cropping options. There are different cropping ratios: original, square (1080 × 1080 pixel), 4:1, and 3:4: 16:9. You can choose any of them and be sure that the image🖼️ quality won’t decrease.

Another way to crop a photo🖼️ is to use⚒️ Microsoft picture🖼️ edit. This is the most popular way since you can customize the cropping. So just open the photo🖼️ and click🖱️ on the ‘edit image’ option, and start🏁 cropping to reach the perfect👌 size. Then upload the picture🖼️.

How to Crop Photo for LinkedIn?

About the profile picture. This one is more important🖋️ since this round photo🖼️ acts as your first🥇 impression. A good👌 first🥇 impression can affect your future success, while a bad impression can be your doom.

I can even claim that many recruiters don’t really care about most of your profile👨‍💼. All they really see👀 is a photo🖼️, your name, and title📝 and then they decide🤔 to contact🤝 you.

That is why many employers ask you to send them a CV, because they decide 🤔 to message💬 you only based on your photo🖼️ and the title📝 you choose for yourself. Do you see👀 how a simple profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️ affects your career path?

The method of cropping a profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️ is like❤️ posting; I mean, LinkedIn does it automatically, except you won’t have the privilege of setting a ratio this time⏱️.

All you can do is to move the profile👨‍💼 picture🖼️ a bit and use⚒️ the filters and adjust the photo🖼️ in the LinkedIn profile photo edit mode.

LinkedIn Profile Photo: some tips

A profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️ is your most important🖋️ visual asset on LinkedIn. You need to take extra care when you are choosing one, so knowing some points about it, can be actually very beneficial.

When we say have a professional picture🖼️, we don’t mean you should be so severe. It is suggested to smile in the picture🖼️ to look👀 better and more approachable.

Besides, it is strongly suggested to use⚒️ headshots where your face occupies 60% of the photo space. It is because recruiters want to see👀 your face, not your background view, and a headshot is more professional.

It is also essential 🖋️ to pick🧲 an up-to-date photo. I mean, it is the worst first🥇 impression when you look👀 decades older than the picture🖼️ on your profile👨‍💼.

How to Crop Photo for LinkedIn?

Make sure you wear the outfit you would wear in the workplace.

I mean, I personally love❤️ a purple and yellow scarf that I own, but wearing that doesn’t really go with the essence of a profile👨‍💼 photo🖼️.

Look👀 directly at the camera and relax. If you are too tall and think🤔 that the camera level might cause your picture🖼️ a double chin in a headshot, it is suggested to widen the space between your legs to appear shorter. Use a high-resolution image.

Remember that LinkedIn is not like❤️ any other social platform like❤️ Instagram. Hence a selfie photo is not really acceptable. It is also suggested to minimize the use of filters as much as possible.

Also, remember that cropping a group photo can call for disasters. Doing so will shout your lack of commitment and professionalism.

Also, do not waste a pretty good👌 picture🖼️ by choosing a crowded background; it is much better to choose a simple backdrop.

Be careful about the light.

A good👌 picture🖼️ can increase📈 your profile👨‍💼 view a lot more. So bear the tips we just told you in mind and know that you know how to crop photos🖼️ for LinkedIn and pick🧲 the right ones for your profile👨‍💼 and posts. They are your most valuable visual; assets on this platform, so crop them well and professionally to get even more successful on LinkedIn.

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