LinkedIn accounts have proven to be more than just a stylish tool for progressing in your career since 2003. Millions of people used it to find a job, partner, hire other people, find some perfect connections for marketing purposes, contact people in a specific industry, etc. but, what if you just created an account years ago and never used it? How to delete a LinkedIn account without email address?

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account without Email Address?

LinkedIn is a job-oriented platform where you can do everything you want (business-wise). You can share your resume, skills, talents, publications, etc. you can search for some decent jobs or suitable candidates if you have job vacancies, etc. to do all of these things, you need an account.

To be honest, LinkedIn wasn’t as user-friendly as it is right now at first; it wasn’t this perfect and the easy-to-work platform even ten years ago! I made one account in 2010, and it was so hard for me to work with it, and it was so not my style that I left the platform for some years.

I came back to test LinkedIn again in 2018, and yes, I lost access to that email I created it in 2010, and was related to that old account.

I mean, who has access to the email they created when they were fifteen? So I created another account with another email, and saw that the platform had changed significantly! It is much more user-friendly now and easier to work with; needless to say, LinkedIn has progressed much to date.

I searched to see if my old account was still active, and, yes, it was still there, so since I had no access to the related email, I left it be. But recently, I heard of some ways you can use it to delete an old account without an email address.

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How to delete a LinkedIn account without an email address?

Read my lips, you cannot delete any LinkedIn account without having access to a primary, secondary email, or at least a registered phone number. So first you need to recover that email or use some other ways to verify your identity first.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account without Email Address?

There are some ways you can do it.

  1. First of all, you can go to that mailing service and enter the email address if you still know it.
  2. Then click on ‘forgot password’ so the service will get you to a password-changing process.
  3. ok, now that you recovered your old email, everything will get easier.
  4. Open the LinkedIn website, click on the sign-in, and then select ‘Forgot password?’
  5. Now enter that email address you’ve just recovered.
  6. You’ll receive an email from LinkedIn containing six digits, enter the code in the related part and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. Enter the new password, confirm it, and click on the Submit button.
  8. Couldn’t recover the email? No worries, it makes accessing the account a bit harder.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account without Email Address?

  1. Open the LinkedIn website and click on the ‘Sign in’ option.
  2. Click on the ‘Forgot password’ button and then select the ‘Can’t access this email’ button.
  3. Now, enter the new email address you want to use for accessing your old account.
  4. You will be asked to upload an ID card like a passport or driver’s license photo.
  5. The LinkedIn team processes your information and will keep in contact with you for more help.
  6. The ID card is just for security purposes; they just want to ensure that only you have access to your account and not any third party or unauthorized person.
  7. When they finish processing, they will send you a link for password renewing to that new email you wanted to link to your account.
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How to Delete a LinkedIn Account without Email Address?

How to delete an old account?

This is so easy to do from now on. You sign in to enter your account first. Click on the ‘Me’ button under your picture and select ‘Setting & Privacy’. Scroll down the page to reach the ‘Account management section and click on the little arrow icon in front of ‘Close account’. A message will appear that says, “X, we’re sorry to see you go.

Are you sure you want to close your account? You’ll lose your connections, messages, endorsements, and recommendations.’ Click to continue and choose one of the prepared reasons, then click on ‘Next’.

Give them some more information about why you are deleting the account and click on ‘Next’, then enter your password and click on done. Congratulations, you have just deleted your old LinkedIn account.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account without Email Address?

Know, how about talking a bit about what a LinkedIn account can do for you?

The benefits of a LinkedIn account

Let me tell you that creating a LinkedIn account was one of the perfect decisions I’ve ever made in my life; thankfully, I have a collection of perfect decisions.

It can help you get hired; yes, you can use many other ways to get a job, but why not use this one as well? I mean, for heaven’s sake, 830 million real people are using this platform right now.

Isn’t it better to use a massive market alongside the smaller ones to find that diamond in the rock? find that perfect job that you might not find in the flea market? I’m not saying that you will get hired for a perfect job the minute you start searching on LinkedIn, but it is still worth a shot! Besides, there are many benefits to it which we are going to talk about some of them.

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A LinkedIn account can help you with the hiring process. There are many companies now that have a LinkedIn section in their application form, so you can upload your profile URL there alongside your CV.

Believe me when I say a good profile can do miracles.

The connections you make on LinkedIn can help you ideally. Who knows where the person you met at a conference and added to your connections will be in five years? You might just have added your potential employer, employee, or partner to your LinkedIn connections, and knowing them from before will help you in ways you cannot even imagine.

Self-branding is one of the ultimate purposes that you can reach on LinkedIn! Not only can you upload a CV there and talk about your talents, skills, etc., but other people also can provide you with endorsements and recommendations.

It is also a perfect way to see job ads, and you can use LinkedIn filters to find the perfect one. Besides, you can use the so-called filters to find influencing people in every industry to make connections with. And it’s free! Of course, some paid options give you some extra features, but the basic account features are mostly more than enough for most people.


An old LinkedIn account that you did not work with for a long time can hurt your chances. People might see it and take it for your current account. Even the recruiters might send some messages to it, and you never get notified. So now that you know how to delete a LinkedIn account without an email address, just go on and get rid of those redundant accounts.

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