Company pages are one of the many tools that you can use on LinkedIn for lead generating and finding new clients, partners, employees, etc. But it is not so odd to decide to deactivate one company page, especially when there are some that are not really in a good shape or the ones that are auto-generated by LinkedIn.

People even do that because they are closing their company for a reason or simply because they decided not to use LinkedIn anymore.

How to delete a LinkedIn page? Just go to the page, click on the admin tool and select ‘deactivate Page’.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page 1 How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page?
How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page?

How to delete a LinkedIn company page?

To delete a company page, you need to be the super admin of it. Your company went out of business? Do you think the page is not that beneficial?

Your business just got rebranded? It is suggested to keep the page and create another one, considering the consequences of deleting it. But yet, if you want to go on, your page must have the following criteria. It should be active; you need to be the super admin, the company page must have no showcases or career pages or any other associated pages (to remove them, contact the LinkedIn support team), and employees who listed this page in their experiences section must be less than 100, there should not be any active ad campaigns and the company must still be under the ownership of the previous owner.

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Checked the mentioned criteria? All right, now log in to your account, click on ‘Me’, and select the company page you want to delete.

Once you are on the company page, click on ‘The admin tool’ and choose ‘Deactivate Page’ from the dropdown menu. In the pop-up window, you see that the platform is warning that all of the data you have on this page will be gone forever after you delete the page.

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Check the box that says: “By clicking Deactivate, I confirm that I understand the implications of deactivating the Page” and then click on the ‘Deactivate’ button.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page?

If you are wondering what happens after you deactivate a company page, the company name, brand, and email will not exist on LinkedIn anymore (except that you have another page with the same data).

The people who followed your company page can’t find it anymore; all the analytics and stats of the page will be done.

It won’t work if you ever create a backlink to that page. The employees who still have that page in their experience section can’t refer to it, and if they don’t change it to a new company page, LinkedIn will auto-generate a company page for them.

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That is why it is strongly suggested not to remove a company page that you used to work with.

I mean, if it is just a redundant page, it’s just fine to get rid of it, but when it was such an active page, well, not that wise to delete it! There are always some alternatives.

Make the page private, making it invisible to every user except you and your connections. You also can rename the page.

I mean, the page is working fine and you just need a change? Why do such a thing as deleting such a good thing instead of a small change like remaining? You always know how to delete a LinkedIn company page, right? So use these alternatives before deciding to deactivate the business page. Try it now; you won’t regret it!

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